Sustainable development

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Electric aircraft takes flight

Will the future of flight be all electric? There are certainly high hopes in France with Airbus showing off its latest small two seater prototype


Designers getting smarter

Mass consumption and waste have made us ugly. In his work on show at the ‘Centre for Contemporary Design’ in Prague, Czech artist Shalom Tomas


Eco fashion, smart fashion

New York City: Fashion Week has only just ended, but in the city that never sleeps, nor does the clothing industry. It is estimated to generate more


Blog: Amps in the Alps 

When it comes to my story from Sarenne, there is a before and an after. Little did I know just how much my one visit there would change the way I see


Back to our roots

City life, its speed, excitement, variety, culture and job opportunities act as a magnet for young people. But not everyone of a certain age yearns


New Green Materials

At a factory in Belgium, a new breed of products is being developed from the fibrous remains of sugar cane. It is a raw material with plenty of


Green is the colour

Community-level action is a great way of contributing to sustainable development. And good habits start young, so teaching people how to live greener