Space science

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Can we deflect asteroids?

In the edition of Space, Euronews correspondent Jeremy Wilks reports from the Observatory of the Côte d’Azur in the south of France on a unique mission to deflect an…


Europe prepares for supermoon

Clear skies permitting, skywatchers will be in for a rare astronomical treat this evening – a supermoon is set to grace Europe’s skies.


Takeaway: the star factory

The Via Lactea project has created the largest database on the Milky Way The data was collected by the Herschel telescope with more than 900 hrs of observations.


ExoMars arrives at the Red Planet

ExoMars is a mission of firsts – if all goes to plan then this will be Europe’s first controlled landing on Mars, and this is the first mission of its kind to go directly in search of signs of…