Osama bin Laden

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9/11 Attacks: 10:28 EDT

The North Tower of the World Trade Center takes nine seconds to collapse to the ground, one hour and 41 minutes after the impact with flight 11

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9/11 Attacks: 09:02 EDT

United Airlines flight 175 hits the World Trade Center’s South Tower between floors 77-85 at a speed of around 950 km/h. All 65 passengers and crew

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9/11 Attacks: 09:43 EDT

The immediate aftermath of American Airlines flight 77 hitting the Pentagon. 64 passengers and crew and 125 Pentagon personnel are killed.


9/11 eye-for-an-eye wars

In a chronology of conflict, 9/11 propels the US to war. In the immediate aftermath, Osama bin Laden is the prime suspect behind the attacks.


Counting the cost of 9/11

Ken George, in his house in New York’s Long Island, takes 32 pills a day. He was a 9/11 emergency worker (first responder) and as a result of that


The hunt for bin Laden's body

A US treasure hunter plans to comb the bottom of the Arabian Sea to find the remains of Osama bin Laden. Bill Warren wants to establish if the