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Trump gets his wall

A tourist attraction in Hamburg, Germany that features miniature models of various parts of the world has put up a wall around the United States, in a dig at President Donald Trump’s plan to build a f


360º Video: noon at the Museum

Once a month, Lyon’s Arts and Crafts Museum organises a guided tour, focused on a particular piece of artwork and a concert related to the piece.


Meet your hominid ancestors in Georgia

Archaelogical findings including fossilised bones and artefacts covering almost two million years of human evolution are on show at the Georgian National Museum as part of its exhibition ‘Stone Age…


Obama opens US black history museum

President Obama has formally opened the US National Museum of African-American History and Culture in Washington – nearly 100 years after it was first proposed by black civil war…


3D Lascaux cave comes to life

A replica of the famous prehistoric Lascaux cave in southern France has been created thanks to 3D technology, that allows for the look, feel and smell of the original to come to life.