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  • Hollande says EU needs common European border guard and cost guard to defend Schengen area – Reuters
  • Hollande: EU and Eurozone integration must go further, or “we will go backwards and it will be end of EU” – Reuters
  • Hollande says all interested parties, including Russia, Iran, needed to find political solution in Syria – Reuters
  • Francois Hollande says religious conflict in Middle East creates risk of “total war“ affecting European territory – Reuters
  • Strasbourg-Hollande says Greece negotiations should now look at easing debt burden – Reuters
  • Turkey’s army says Syria-based missile systems harassed eight Turkish F-16 jets along Syria border on Tuesday – Reuters
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World news about “Health” published by euronews.

07/10 12:40 CET

Slaves to our smartphones? New study details digital amnesia

Slaves to our smartphones? New study details digital amnesia

Over reliance on smartphones and tablets is eroding our ability to remember, that’s the conclusion of a new study into digital amnesia. As more and more of our important information is stored online, less and less of it is stored in our brains – the study found…