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  • Top U.S. commander in Afghanistan General Campbell says MSF hospital was mistakenly struck, “U.S. would never intentionally target a medical facility”
  • ISIL claims responsability for the attack on the government headquarters in Yemen’s Aden
  • Russia Defence ministry says Russia is ready to hold talks with Turkey to prevent misunderstandings in Syria
  • Turkish army says a MIG-29 of unknown nationality interfered with eight Turkish F-16S on a patrol flight along Syrian border
  • Ukraine: pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine have postponed disputed local elections to 2016 according to the Russian press agency Interfax
  • UK opinion poll shows the support for remaining in the EU at 55% vs. 36% who favour leaving the bloc according to the Daily Mail
  • Afghanistan: MSF International president says in a statement on the deadly bombing in Kunduz that the organisation is “working on the presumption of a war crime” after a “fully functionning hospital” was razed to the ground
  • Hungary’s first post-communist president Arpad Goncz dies at 93
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05/05 12:32 CET

Twenty-seven million ‘drops of pain’ that heirs of USSR victory do not forget

Twenty-seven million ‘drops of pain’ that heirs of USSR victory do not forget

Dmitry Koznov went to war at 18, in 1943, when Hitler’s invasion force still hovered not far from Moscow. The theatre school student took up arms to break the siege of Leningrad and fight in Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Germany, barely surviving what Soviets called the…