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The Art Connection

Lea Rasovszky, a 26-year-old Romanian artist certainly looks the part – but as they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. She is on her way


New horizons

In search of new horizons and brighter career prospects, Robin and Aafke took the plunge to work abroad. The budding radiographers set sail from the


Being a film producer

Generation Y followed Vladimer and Judit, two young film producers trying to get their movies made. Vladimir comes from Georgia and Judit from


Preserving the Future

Turkey is the youngest country in Europe. The average age of its population is below 30. It is also the most ancient. An invaluable cultural


China calling

The mysticism of the Far East has long enchanted Westerners – and one young Belgian is no exception. Though he admits China is not without its


Voyage of Self-Discovery

There are lots of ways to see the world. You can go as a tourist, work abroad, study, or you can become a volunteer.   Saskia, Imanol, Pedro and


Culture without obstacles

Breathing new life into the old, regenerating scrap, teaching people to look at new ways of using waste. Removing barriers and challenging