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World news about “EADS” published by euronews.

28/11 16:25 CET

EADS German workers protest against possible job losses

EADS German workers protest against possible job losses

More than 20,000 workers in Germany have taken to the streets in protest at plans by European aerospace company EADS to restructure, which could see the loss of thousands of jobs. Workers demonstrated at 30 sites across Germany. At particular risk is the Manching site in…

  • Airbus profits rise, ‘confident’ on A350
    14/05 15:08 CET

    Airbus profits rise, ‘confident’ on A350

    European aerospace group EADS has unveiled better than expected…

  • Daimler sells EADS stake
    17/04 14:11 CET

    Daimler sells EADS stake

    Daimler has sold its remaining stake in EADS. That ends the German carmaker's link to aerospace activities, nearly 13 years after it helped to…

  • Lagardère sells EADS stake
    09/04 15:07 CET

    Lagardère sells EADS stake

    French media group Lagardère has sold its 7.4 percent stake in EADS, the parent company of Airbus. It comes after Arnaud Lagardère stood down…

  • All change at EADS
    27/03 19:00 CET

    All change at EADS

    EADS' shareholders have backed sweeping changes at the aerospace group. The shake-up of the parent company of Airbus will end a Franco-German…

  • EADS profits take off
    27/02 14:55 CET

    EADS profits take off

    European aerospace firm EADS is predicting higher profit this year following stronger than expected earnings in 2012 along with a clampdown on…

  • Changes ahead at EADS?
    04/12 19:09 CET

    Changes ahead at EADS?

    Reports that talks are being held about possible changes at EADS have pleased investors. The company and French President Francois Hollande…

  • Behind the EADS-BAE mega-merger flop
    NEWS + | 11/10 19:13 CET

    Behind the EADS-BAE mega-merger flop

    The collapse of talks to form a 35-billion euro marriage between EADS and BAE Sytems has shifted focus away from mega-mergers and onto smaller…

  • EADS-BAE Systems merger crumbles
    10/10 18:00 CET

    EADS-BAE Systems merger crumbles

    Plans to form the world's biggest aerospace and defence company in Europe have crumbled. The makers of Airbus, EADS, and the British defence…

  • Lagardere threatens to veto EADS/BAE deal
    01/10 13:54 CET

    Lagardere threatens to veto EADS/BAE deal

    Major EADS shareholder Lagardere says BAE 's terms for the merger of the two companies are unsatisfactory, and says EADS must show how the deal…

  • Cautious response to aerospace tie-up move
    NEWS + | 13/09 18:57 CET

    Cautious response to aerospace tie-up move

    EADS and BAE Systems' merger plan did not find favour with the markets. The European aerospace company's share price plunged further and BAE's…

  • All change for US and EU banking rules
    13/12 18:27 CET

    All change for US and EU banking rules

    US financial regulators have approved the so-called Volcker rule, which establishes new limits on trading by US banks. These reforms should…