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  • UEFA chief Michel Platini will stand for the FIFA presidency, it has been confirmed.
  • Iraqi government calls Turkish assault on Kurdish militants in northern Iraq “a dangerous escalation and an assault on iraqi sovereignty”.
  • Afghan government says investigating reports that Mullah Omar, leader of Afghan Taliban, is dead
  • An Afghan government official said that a press conference had been called on the subject of Taliban leader Mullah Omar, amid rumours of his death.
  • An air strike by an Israeli surveillance plane hit a car in southwestern Syria, killing two members of a militia fighting alongside the Syrian military (Reuters quoting Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV)
  • Turkish cabinet formally signs agreement opening Incirlik Air Base to US-led coalition against ISIL militants
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Council of Ministers

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30/06 04:33 CET

France’s Ex-interior minister Charles Pasqua dies 88

France’s Ex-interior minister Charles Pasqua dies 88

Former French interior minister, Charles Pasqua has died at the age of 88. A hardline politician, Pasqua was a close ally of former president Jacques Chirac and a veteran of the Gaullist movement. He spent more than half a century at the heart of French politics and earned…