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  • Swedish parliament confirms social democrat leader Stefan Lofven as prime minister – Reuters
  • Texas health officials say 80 people were in contact with the Dallas Ebola patient at some point, NBC News reported – Reuters
  • Russian President Putin says he hopes Ukraine’s parliamentary elections will help bring stability to the country – Reuters

Cosmetics industry

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FUTURIS | 14/04 15:20 CET

Flower power

Flower power

Most of the plants on our planet are still a mystery to science, to a large extent as the chemical composition of most species has never been fully analysed. Scientists have been studying plants for many centuries, but there is still a lot to learn. In Athens, researchers are…

  • Do you know: can we stop aging?
    FUTURIS | 14/04 15:17 CET

    Do you know: can we stop aging?

    Not really, but at least we can try to look like we did! Molecular biologist Marianna Ralli who manages science at KORRES explains what happens…

  • Battle of cosmetics giants Avon v. Coty begins
    02/04 16:35 CET

    Battle of cosmetics giants Avon v. Coty begins

    It looks as though Avon may still be calling after the cosmetics giant fought off a the opening shots in a takeover bid by Coty. Avon has…

  • EU extends ban on animal-tested cosmetics
    11/03 16:01 CET

    EU extends ban on animal-tested cosmetics

    A full ban on cosmetics that have been tested on animals entered into force across the EU on Monday. The ban, announced by the European…

  • Nivea makeover looking good
    05/05 18:20 CET

    Nivea makeover looking good

    Nivea maker Beiersdorf says plans to give the brand a shot in the arm are well on course after positive first quarter sales. The company…