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  • Ukraine: pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine have postponed disputed local elections to 2016 according to the Russian press agency Interfax
  • UK opinion poll shows the support for remaining in the EU at 55% vs. 36% who favour leaving the bloc according to the Daily Mail
  • Afghanistan: MSF International president says in a statement on the deadly bombing in Kunduz that the organisation is “working on the presumption of a war crime” after a “fully functionning hospital” was razed to the ground
  • Hungary’s first post-communist president Arpad Goncz dies at 93
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World news about “Astronomy” published by euronews.

29/09 00:21 CET

Rosetta: duck comet is double bill

Rosetta: duck comet is double bill

The rubber duck-shaped comet being tracked by Europe’s Rosetta probe is in fact a double bill. Scientists say data from the probe shows the comet was formed by two space rocks fusing together four billion years ago. The comet’s shape has been a puzzle since…