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  • Hezbollah fighters target Syrian al Qaeda Nusra front gathering in eastern mountains along border with Syria (Manar television via Reuters)
  • Syrian President Assad said on Wednesday that army troops would head to the outskirts of an insurgent-held town to help besieged soldiers – Reuters
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Chris BurnsA crossfire between 3 personalities with diverging opinions and points of view. A straight-to-the-point debate around the main story of the week. Debate will be presented by Chris Burns and guests will be located in 3 different countries in Europe. Each guest will answer the questions, using dynamic production and underlying contrasts between opinions, the programme will provide a clear and uncompromising view of the event, allowing our viewers to compare and form their own opinion.

The eurosceptic dream: a vision of Britain the day after Brexit

30/04 14:37 CET

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