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  • US President Barack Obama has accepted the resignation of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel according to Pentagon sources.
  • US Defense Secretary Hagel is stepping down, the New York Times reports, citing senior Obama administration officials (Reuters)
  • Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov says Vienna talks on Iran’s nuclear programme made “considerable progress” but not arrived at final agreement (Reuters)
  • British Foreign Secretary Hammond says Iran nuclear talks with six powers extended through end of June (Reuters)
  • Britain faces biggest threat to its security from terrorist at any time before or since September 11 2001 attacks on United States, according to Home Secretary Theresa May (Reuters)
Chris BurnsA crossfire between 3 personalities with diverging opinions and points of view. A straight-to-the-point debate around the main story of the week. Debate will be presented by Chris Burns and guests will be located in 3 different countries in Europe. Each guest will answer the questions, using dynamic production and underlying contrasts between opinions, the programme will provide a clear and uncompromising view of the event, allowing our viewers to compare and form their own opinion.

NATO operations have ended in Afghanistan. What and where should its next role be?

14/11 11:27 CET

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