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  • Turkish president Erdogan says it was wrong of United States to aidrop weapons to Kurdish fighters in Syrian twon of Kobani (Reuters)
  • German government source says decisions on economic policy in Europe will be made in December, EU summit this week should clarify procedures, although no specific decisions are expected to be made – REUTERS
  • Hungary’s ruling Fidesz Party proposes a cap on planned Internet tax (statement) – REUTERS
World news from a European perspective

Fear on the frontline: the impact on people of conflict in eastern Ukraine

17/10 11:02 CET

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  71. 22/02/2013Sweden’s gender-violence shame
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  73. 08/02/2013Italian productivity blues
  74. 01/02/2013Who pays the bill for Italy’s cultural heritage?
  75. 25/01/2013Fighting youth unemployment in the Netherlands
  76. 25/01/2013Bonus interview: Marco Florijn, Rotterdam City Social Affairs Councillor
  77. 25/01/2013Bonus interview: Wiemer Salverda
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  79. 18/01/2013Is the mafia’s dirty money being laundered in Romania?
  80. 11/01/2013Ireland: we need to talk about abortion
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  92. 02/11/2012Bonus interview: Piotr Grzegorz Wozniak, junior minister for shale gas at the Environment Ministry of Poland
  93. 02/11/2012Bonus interview: Jakub Gogolewski, coordinator for CEE Bankwatch Network Poland
  94. 02/11/2012Bonus interview: Pawel Poprawa, Energy Studies Institute
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  101. 21/09/2012Bonus interview: Diana Kovatcheva, Bulgarian Minister of Justice
  102. 21/09/2012Bonus interview: Sergei Stanishev, former Bulgarian PM
  103. 21/09/2012Bonus interview: Zinaida Zlatanova, Head of the European Commission Representation in Sofia
  104. 14/09/2012Global crisis catches up with northern Italy
  105. 05/09/2012Uganda family planning: ‘Choice not chance’
  106. 30/08/2012Detroit: Bailing out the American Dream
  107. 01/08/2012Romania’s ‘Men in Red’ to the rescue
  108. 27/07/2012Interview with Livia Saplacan
  109. 27/07/2012Interview with Mircea Toma
  110. 27/07/2012Romania: President and PM’s power struggle
  111. 20/07/2012Russian trade union revival
  112. 13/07/2012London 2012: Olympic legacy debated as final countdown gets underway
  113. 06/07/2012The Greek debt that became Cyprus’ Trojan Horse
  114. 29/06/2012Turkish TV – a device for social change in the Arab world?
  115. 22/06/2012Spanish banks – house for sale
  116. 14/06/2012Bonus interview with Robin Liddell
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  118. 07/06/2012Greece – broke but not broken
  119. 31/05/2012Europe tackles match-fixing
  120. 25/05/2012Cees Maas, former Dutch Treasurer-General
  121. 25/05/2012Jan Kees de Jager, Dutch Finance Minister
  122. 25/05/2012The Dutch face austerity
  123. 19/05/2012Jordan’s Syrian refugee dilemma
  124. 10/05/2012Greece’s anti-immigrant fence
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  130. 05/04/2012French politics silent on women
  131. 30/03/2012Support builds for Kosovo at London 2012
  132. 23/03/2012Sarajevo – a city under siege from its past?
  133. 23/03/2012French politics’ lack of diversity
  134. 22/03/2012France, land of asylum?
  135. 20/03/2012France’s economic crisis
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  146. 02/02/2012Paying the price for Germany’s economic miracle
  147. 27/01/2012Hungary, a country divided
  148. 19/01/2012UK-EU: should I stay or should I go?
  149. 12/01/2012Kirkuk: financing the future
  150. 05/01/2012Pension reforms for Slovenia’s aging population
  151. 22/12/2011A wage for living
  152. 15/12/2011Occupy Wall street takes its case to Main Street
  153. 08/12/2011Portuguese youth exodus
  154. 02/12/2011What will the role of women be in the new Egypt?
  155. 24/11/2011Italy: no country for young people
  156. 17/11/2011Catalonia: The effect of the cuts to the health system
  157. 11/11/2011Reporter: Basque country after ETA
  158. 11/11/2011Libya after the revolution…
  159. 03/11/2011DR Congo: harvesting on the ruins of war
  160. 27/10/2011Hungarians fall victim to Swiss franc debt spiral
  161. 20/10/2011Cuts that threaten to starve European food aid
  162. 14/10/2011Romanians angry at Schengen ‘double standards’
  163. 07/10/2011The pro-choice point of view in Poland
  164. 05/10/2011Abortion in Poland, the debate continues
  165. 30/09/2011Euro: Greeks don’t want a drachma out of a crisis
  166. 24/09/2011Euro storm blows cold wind through Switzerland
  167. 16/09/2011Wading in to protect the ‘European Amazon’
  168. 09/09/2011The Palestinian economy’s bottled-up potential
  169. 02/09/2011Counting the cost of 9/11
  170. 08/08/2011Turkey tackles violence against women
  171. 28/07/2011Denmark versus Schengen
  172. 21/07/2011When too much green is not green at all
  173. 14/07/2011Germany’s energy revolution
  174. 07/07/2011Tourists deserting Tunisia
  175. 03/07/2011Monaco: A fresh start for the opulent principality?
  176. 24/06/2011Zero tolerance for hooligans at Euro 2012
  177. 17/06/2011Golan Heights’ undefined future
  178. 10/06/2011Serbia after Mladic
  179. 02/06/2011Croatia’s shipyards get that sinking feeling
  180. 27/05/2011Greece: Drowning by numbers
  181. 23/05/2011No spring for Moldova
  182. 19/05/2011Europe’s big screen battle
  183. 11/05/2011The lure of the west
  184. 06/05/2011Finland’s far-right fancy
  185. 28/04/2011Bailout means tough times for people of Portugal
  186. 22/04/2011Does the UK monarchy matter?
  187. 07/04/2011Japan: Shinto Shrine survivors
  188. 06/04/2011Morocco’s march for change
  189. 31/03/2011Italy’s picture perfect TV women
  190. 25/03/2011Spotlight on France’s oldest nuclear plant
  191. 18/03/2011Gambling on food
  192. 10/03/2011Algeria, craving a peaceful evolution
  193. 03/03/2011Lampedusa: Italian island at the sharp end of immigration
  194. 25/02/2011Ben Ali’s corruption culture
  195. 17/02/2011Civil war, civil wounded, Somalia
  196. 17/02/2011How NATO’s pipes keep airlines in the sky
  197. 10/02/2011China accelerates in Europe
  198. 10/02/2011Digging up the truth in Kosovo
  199. 03/02/2011Broad horizons for small firms
  200. 03/02/2011Excision: breaking the taboo
  201. 27/01/2011Can Spain be saved?
  202. 27/01/2011The fruits of peace
  203. 20/01/2011Leprosy – the forgotten disease
  204. 20/01/2011Hungary’s right turn
  205. 14/01/2011Afghanistan’s fragile people
  206. 13/01/2011Getting help to Somalia against the odds
  207. 06/01/2011The funding battle behind European cartoons
  208. 31/12/2010Haiti’s fight against cholera
  209. 31/12/2010Hot pursuit: tracking the Somali pirates
  210. 21/12/2010Pakistan planting for hope
  211. 09/12/2010The DR Congo’s child diamond miners
  212. 09/12/2010Ireland’s ghost estates
  213. 03/12/2010Death in Morocco
  214. 02/12/2010Plugging the gaps in the Turkey-Greece border
  215. 26/11/2010Afghanistan: on the road to transition?
  216. 25/11/2010Morocco invests in solar energy
  217. 19/11/2010Afghanistan: on the road to transition?
  218. 19/11/2010Bangladesh still waiting for climate relief
  219. 11/11/2010US anger at home as Afghan, Iraq wars drag on
  220. 05/11/2010Food security in Guatemala
  221. 29/10/2010EU helps tackle water wars in Africa
  222. 26/10/2010Niger: war on malnutrition
  223. 22/10/2010Red mud, blue Danube
  224. 16/10/2010Berlin haven for Iranian victims of torture
  225. 08/10/2010Ukraine ponders East or West
  226. 08/10/2010On the Fringes of the UN Summit in NY
  227. 08/10/2010ECHO: a lifeline in Africa’s skies
  228. 30/09/2010Roma in France: not in my backyard
  229. 24/09/2010Hungarian Roma: at the crossroads
  230. 17/09/2010Support for the families of Peru’s missing
  231. 16/09/2010Andalousia, the promised land for the Roma?
  232. 11/09/2010The long journey of the Roma people
  233. 11/09/2010US divided over ‘Ground Zero mosque’
  234. 02/09/2010Ecuador: protecting nature from oil exploration
  235. 09/08/2010Seeds of hope for Zimbabwe’s HIV/AIDs sufferers
  236. 30/07/2010Fighting for survival in the Central African Republic
  237. 29/07/2010Improving global food security