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World news from a European perspective

Businesses struggle to adapt to strong Swiss franc

20/02 11:28 CET

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  1. 11/07/2014Floods and corruption: why Bosnia is littered with landmines
  2. 04/07/2014Hungarian debt crisis still crippling middle class
  3. 27/06/2014Going underground: fault lines exposed in Europe’s nuclear waste disposal strategy
  4. 20/06/2014Opening shots of WWI still echoing around Europe
  5. 13/06/2014Mixed fortunes for Europeans chasing the Brazilian dream
  6. 06/06/2014Fears of child prostitution surge at World Cup
  7. 30/05/2014Veterans recall events of D-Day on Normandy beaches 70 years ago
  8. 30/05/2014To Russia with love: Transnistria’s yearning for ‘the Motherland’
  9. 23/05/2014Have sanctions against Russia ended London’s financial honeymoon?
  10. 09/05/2014Portrait: Into the mind of Jean-Claude Juncker
  11. 02/05/2014European choice: Martin Schulz campaigning to spread wealth
  12. 25/04/2014Verhofstadt’s liberal recipe for Europe
  13. 18/04/2014Double act: Greens dual-presidency candidates to push eco issues on election agenda
  14. 11/04/2014Europe’s Choice: Leftist candidate Alexis Tsipras takes quest for a New Deal to Brussels
  15. 04/04/2014War of words: UK divided over how to commemorate WW1
  16. 26/03/2014Hard times, hard attitudes: the rise of the far right in Slovakia
  17. 20/03/2014The city that reflects Crimea’s ethnic melting pot
  18. 19/03/2014Obama in Europe in testing times for EU/US relations
  19. 14/03/2014How pen-pushers have taken over Italian democracy
  20. 07/03/2014Hard homecoming: the pros and cons of repatriating business
  21. 28/02/2014Bosnia-Herzegovina: corruption protests fuel a potential political spring
  22. 21/02/2014Troubled waters: the hidden legacy of chemical weapons dumping
  23. 14/02/2014Shale shock: gas exploration fuels future energy debate in UK
  24. 07/02/2014Moldovan wine ban by Russia is a symptom of a wider divide
  25. 31/01/2014Olympics: Sochi ready for drama on and off the piste
  26. 24/01/2014Smoking out the facts of electronic cigarettes
  27. 17/01/2014Syrian refugees flee through forest then face tough conditions in poorest EU member state
  28. 10/01/2014L’Aquila: Tremors from the rubble
  29. 20/12/2013Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen: why Danes are the world’s happiest people
  30. 13/12/2013Crisis inspires a surge of creativity in Greek art
  31. 09/12/2013Melilla: the Spanish enclave that has become the back-door to Europe
  32. 29/11/2013Euthanasia for minors: Belgium’s painful dilemma
  33. 22/11/2013Portugal and Angola – a friendship at risk
  34. 15/11/2013Lampedusa: the ‘forgotten’ island
  35. 08/11/2013Vukovar: divided by an alphabet
  36. 01/11/2013Fishing for a future
  37. 29/10/2013From Tunisia to Lampedusa
  38. 29/10/2013Bonus interview: Berhanu Wakuma, Ethiopian migrant
  39. 18/10/2013Family fears for Belgium’s foreign fighters in Syria
  40. 11/10/2013France’s pension reform struggle
  41. 09/10/2013Lebanon struggles to cope with rising number of Syrian refugees
  42. 04/10/2013The plight of Syrian refugees who flee to Lebanon
  43. 27/09/2013Not a good time to be gay in Russia
  44. 27/09/2013Bonus interview: Maria Lipman, political analyst
  45. 27/09/2013Bonus interview: Masha Gessen, gay rights activist
  46. 20/09/2013Black River, Dark Future
  47. 17/09/2013Healing the wounds of war
  48. 17/09/2013Sister Angelique – a force to be reckoned with
  49. 13/09/2013Kids or career: Germany’s falling birth rate dilemma
  50. 06/09/2013The immigration issue: welcome to Germany?
  51. 05/09/2013Filming ‘Poor Germany’
  52. 02/09/2013Poor Germany: the gap between rich and poor widens
  53. 26/07/2013Allergic reactions trigger blow to perfume industry
  54. 19/07/2013Bonus Interview: Mike Schussler
  55. 19/07/2013Bonus Interview: Thami Mazwai
  56. 19/07/2013Inequality blights Mandela’s South African legacy
  57. 12/07/2013Two years on, Utoya still chills Norwegian summer
  58. 12/07/2013Bonus interview: Lars Gule
  59. 05/07/2013Young Lithuanians changing their country
  60. 28/06/2013Croatia: Building for the future
  61. 21/06/2013Europe’s jobless generation
  62. 14/06/2013Slovenia – the next EU crisis ?
  63. 14/06/2013Bonus interview: Sanjin Jasar
  64. 14/06/2013Bonus interview: Sobhan, a Baha’i Iranian refugee
  65. 14/06/2013Bonus Mansour Osanlou interview
  66. 14/06/2013Bonus interview: an Iranian homosexual in exile
  67. 07/06/2013Iranian voices from Turkey
  68. 31/05/2013Why it’s not so ‘Great’ in Britain
  69. 31/05/2013Bonus interview: Nigel Farage
  70. 31/05/2013Bonus interview: Rafael Behr
  71. 24/05/2013Lucky Lucke targets the euro
  72. 17/05/2013More fear than hope in north Kosovo?
  73. 09/05/2013Eurovision: Songs, Scandals and Sequins
  74. 09/05/2013Bonus interview: Björn Ulvaeus, former ABBA member
  75. 09/05/2013Bonus interview: David Goodman, Eurovision Song Contest expert
  76. 03/05/2013Croatia: controversial golf course
  77. 26/04/2013Hungary’s far-right plays with fire
  78. 19/04/2013Northern Cyprus wants to talk
  79. 12/04/2013Bulgaria’s currency – hardship and suffering
  80. 12/04/2013Bonus interview: Haralan Aleksandrov
  81. 05/04/2013Spain’s monarchy in crisis
  82. 29/03/2013Womb to rent – the harsh realities of surrogacy
  83. 22/03/2013Latvia wants the euro
  84. 22/03/2013Bonus interview: Ilmars Rimsevics, Latvian Central Bank Governor
  85. 15/03/2013Cuba: change from within
  86. 08/03/2013Cuba: slow winds of change
  87. 28/02/2013Who holds the key to the Vatican?
  88. 22/02/2013Sweden’s gender-violence shame
  89. 15/02/2013Italy youth unemployment feeds black market for labour
  90. 08/02/2013Italian productivity blues
  91. 01/02/2013Who pays the bill for Italy’s cultural heritage?
  92. 25/01/2013Fighting youth unemployment in the Netherlands
  93. 25/01/2013Bonus interview: Marco Florijn, Rotterdam City Social Affairs Councillor
  94. 25/01/2013Bonus interview: Wiemer Salverda
  95. 22/01/2013Ireland: the emotional battle of abortion
  96. 18/01/2013Is the mafia’s dirty money being laundered in Romania?
  97. 11/01/2013Ireland: we need to talk about abortion
  98. 04/01/2013Is Europe turning its back on its poor?
  99. 21/12/2012Crisis-hit Europe is losing its talented youth
  100. 14/12/2012Cyprus’s race for liquid gold
  101. 07/12/2012Reforming Afghan police
  102. 07/12/2012The EU: a double-edged sword for Greece
  103. 30/11/2012The alpine tunnel dispute
  104. 23/11/2012Greek crisis felt on both sides of the Atlantic
  105. 23/11/2012Bonus interview: Richard Wolff, Economics Professor at NYC’s New School
  106. 16/11/2012Catalonia rises on a wave of independence
  107. 09/11/2012French suburbs: 30 years of tensions
  108. 02/11/2012Fracking in Europe
  109. 02/11/2012Bonus interview: Piotr Grzegorz Wozniak, junior minister for shale gas at the Environment Ministry of Poland
  110. 02/11/2012Bonus interview: Jakub Gogolewski, coordinator for CEE Bankwatch Network Poland
  111. 02/11/2012Bonus interview: Pawel Poprawa, Energy Studies Institute
  112. 26/10/2012America’s generation debt
  113. 17/10/2012Ukraine’s ailing powerhouse
  114. 12/10/2012Gold Rush In Romania
  115. 01/10/2012Exclusive: 24 hours in the chaos of Aleppo
  116. 27/09/2012Tax me if you can
  117. 21/09/2012Bulgaria steps up fight against organised crime
  118. 21/09/2012Bonus interview: Diana Kovatcheva, Bulgarian Minister of Justice
  119. 21/09/2012Bonus interview: Sergei Stanishev, former Bulgarian PM
  120. 21/09/2012Bonus interview: Zinaida Zlatanova, Head of the European Commission Representation in Sofia
  121. 14/09/2012Global crisis catches up with northern Italy
  122. 05/09/2012Uganda family planning: ‘Choice not chance’
  123. 30/08/2012Detroit: Bailing out the American Dream
  124. 01/08/2012Romania’s ‘Men in Red’ to the rescue
  125. 27/07/2012Interview with Livia Saplacan
  126. 27/07/2012Interview with Mircea Toma
  127. 27/07/2012Romania: President and PM’s power struggle
  128. 20/07/2012Russian trade union revival
  129. 13/07/2012London 2012: Olympic legacy debated as final countdown gets underway
  130. 06/07/2012The Greek debt that became Cyprus’ Trojan Horse
  131. 29/06/2012Turkish TV – a device for social change in the Arab world?
  132. 22/06/2012Spanish banks – house for sale
  133. 14/06/2012Bonus interview with Robin Liddell
  134. 14/06/2012Inter-ethnic tensions in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  135. 07/06/2012Greece – broke but not broken
  136. 31/05/2012Europe tackles match-fixing
  137. 25/05/2012Cees Maas, former Dutch Treasurer-General
  138. 25/05/2012Jan Kees de Jager, Dutch Finance Minister
  139. 25/05/2012The Dutch face austerity
  140. 19/05/2012Jordan’s Syrian refugee dilemma
  141. 10/05/2012Greece’s anti-immigrant fence
  142. 04/05/2012Bailout brings deficit of trust to Ireland
  143. 26/04/2012Spain’s lost generation
  144. 20/04/2012Algeria: 50 years of independence