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  • Canada police investigating Michael Zehaf-Bibeau as possible suspect in Ottawa shooting, source familiar with matter tells Reuters.
A closer inspection of the leading news stories of the moment, including a more in-depth analysis and interviews with those in the know.

Team Juncker set to take over EU helm

22/10 18:37 CET

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Previous editions

  1. 03/04/2014Hungary turning eastward, ignoring EU standards ‘costly’
  2. 02/04/2014IPCC report: climate change ‘never as rapid as now’
  3. 01/04/2014Cost of living in Hungary, tight government, tight belts
  4. 31/03/2014French blues: conservatives win elections, far right gains, left lies bruised
  5. 31/03/2014Turkey: ‘voters didn’t vote to punish government over corruption allegations’
  6. 28/03/2014Turkish local elections: ‘What is at stake are fundamental rights and freedoms’
  7. 27/03/2014Stolen babies, stolen lives, Spanish justice served cold
  8. 01/09/2014Memories of Beslan a decade later
  9. 26/03/2014Malaysian plane searchers ‘sure of nothing’
  10. 28/08/2014Where next for Erdogan’s ‘New Turkey’?
  11. 26/03/2014MH370 search depth, remoteness daunting
  12. 15/08/2014Iraq’s foreign minister warns Islamic State ‘out of control’
  13. 26/03/2014Transatlantic unity over Crimea crisis – but what about Europe’s military spending?
  14. 14/08/2014Bruised Kurds seek to reassert themselves over Islamic State in Iraq
  15. 25/03/2014Restoring the trans-Atlantic relationship on Obama’s visit to Brussels
  16. 11/08/2014Erdoğan’s election leaves questions unanswered for Turkey’s future
  17. 21/03/2014Russia’s annexation of Crimea is ‘armed robbery,’ says Ukrainian PM Yatsenyuk
  18. 08/08/2014No candidates are likely to thwart Erdogan, says polling analyst
  19. 21/03/2014France’s mid-term elections: left braces for impact
  20. 08/08/2014Ana Arabia: a cinematic appeal for peace in the Middle East
  21. 20/03/2014Putin’s words over Crimea ‘terribly reminiscent of Hitler’
  22. 07/08/2014Turkey’s Erdogan woos expat voters
  23. 20/03/2014Ukraine crisis: former president Kravchuk warns of further difficulties ahead
  24. 31/07/2014Argentina continues its default dance with the ‘vultures’
  25. 19/03/2014Missing plane mystery haunts Malaysia
  26. 17/07/2014Mideast-US diplomacy may be tiring
  27. 16/07/2014Hamas believes ‘important political gains to be made’ by striking at Israel
  28. 19/03/2014EU leaders mull further Russia sanctions
  29. 15/07/2014MEPs pick Juncker as next Commission chief
  30. 18/03/2014Ties that bind: the economics of the EU-Russia relationship
  31. 10/07/2014The consequences and risks of the conflict between Gaza and Israel
  32. 17/03/2014Ukraine’s eastern governor confident region ‘can protect itself’
  33. 10/07/2014Deal on the cards in Argentine debt dispute
  34. 14/03/2014Ukraine: from Crimea to Kyiv
  35. 07/07/2014Middle East: violence threatens to spiral out of control
  36. 12/03/2014Pope Francis, one year on: ‘We never imagined he’d have such energy’
  37. 03/07/2014Egypt, one year after Mursi’s removal, few signs of revolution
  38. 11/03/2014Threat of terrorist attack in Europe still ‘serious’, warns EU security chief
  39. 27/06/2014Round-up of reactions to signing of Partnership Agreements
  40. 11/03/2014Interpol highlights threat from terrorists using stolen passports
  41. 26/06/2014Building a Ukraine of fundamental rights ‘best recipe for entire integration’
  42. 08/03/2014Women’s Day, India, suffering in world’s largest ‘democracy’
  43. 23/06/2014The dangers of extremism for Iraq and the wider world
  44. 07/03/2014Juncker urges EU voters to reject populism
  45. 19/06/2014Spain’s King Felipe sworn in pledging to set high moral example
  46. 07/03/2014Putin ‘wants to rebuild USSR with Ukraine’ – Brzezinski
  47. 18/06/2014Spanish royal insider: ‘new king and queen should get out in the street’
  48. 06/03/2014Russia EU ambassador scorns Brussels for ‘systemic blunders’ over Ukraine
  49. 18/06/2014Spanish monarchy ‘would be well-served by moderation’
  50. 03/03/2014Schulz wins ‘one-horse race’ to become Socialist choice for top EU job
  51. 18/06/2014Iraq emergency raises real possibility of US-Iranian co-operation
  52. 11/06/2014Fall of Mosul ‘not completely innocent — it serves Maliki’
  53. 28/02/2014euronews spoke to Russia’s ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov
  54. 27/02/2014Is crisis-hit Ukraine moving towards separatism?
  55. 19/03/2014Ukraine crisis: former president Kravchuk warns of further difficulties ahead
  56. 27/02/2014‘Elements of democracy have disappeared’ – former Venezuelan Interior Minister
  57. 26/02/2014Airbus profits rise, will boost aircraft production – CEO Enders
  58. 25/02/2014Venezuela’s bloody people’s protests challenge Maduro’s competence
  59. 24/02/2014Sochi: End of Games
  60. 24/02/2014European elections 2014: Greens aim for EU ‘renewal’
  61. 23/02/2014Ukrainians take a look around Yanukovich compound
  62. 21/02/2014Kyiv medic Olesya survives sniper bullet through neck
  63. 17/02/2014Renzi will lead Italy successfully – analyst
  64. 13/02/2014ETA convicts: life after ceasefire
  65. 11/02/2014Euro election countdown begins
  66. 11/02/2014What now for ETA’s prisoners?
  67. 10/02/2014Switzerland set for collision course with EU
  68. 08/02/2014Sochi Winter Olympics: “There is a festive atmosphere everywhere”
  69. 06/02/2014Sochi prepares to welcome the world with winter wonderland
  70. 04/02/2014Georgia will send Olympians to Sochi
  71. 03/02/2014European Liberal Party’s candidate for EC President, Guy Verhofstadt, on euronews
  72. 29/01/2014Obama’s foreign policy for 2014
  73. 29/01/2014US wants to play more active role in Ukraine
  74. 29/01/2014Obama’s State of the Union: opportunity, ideals and foreign policy
  75. 28/01/2014EU-Russia ties strained over Ukraine
  76. 27/01/2014Ukraine: ‘diplomacy trumps brutality in heart of Europe’
  77. 22/01/2014Ukraine, chronology of a struggle
  78. 21/01/2014Rosetta comet pinpoint landing will be ‘giant step’
  79. 20/01/2014The ‘give and take’ of Iran’s nuclear deal
  80. 20/01/2014Ukraine: protesters patience runs out
  81. 16/01/2014Catalonia to Spain: let’s renegotiate sovereignty
  82. 15/01/2014Iraq under threat from escalating violence
  83. 13/01/2014Airbus sky high with record orders
  84. 13/01/2014Former Sharon advisor thinks he ‘regretted Sabra and Shatila’
  85. 13/01/2014Ariel Sharon: the ‘military legend’
  86. 12/01/2014Ariel Sharon: The mood in Israel
  87. 11/01/2014Sharon ‘didn’t care what others thought of him’
  88. 11/01/2014Miguel Ángel Moratinos reflects on the life of Ariel Sharon
  89. 09/01/2014‘Revolutionary political reform’ needed as European Union faces crucial year
  90. 07/01/2014Spanish monarchy hits hard times
  91. 01/01/2014Beleaguered Greece now President of European Union Council
  92. 30/12/2013The ‘Black Widows’ spreading terror in Russia
  93. 30/12/2013Egypt: the terrorist threat
  94. 27/12/2013Watershed moment arrives for AK party in Turkey
  95. 20/12/2013Stop the clichés about Luxembourg, says new PM Xavier Bettel
  96. 18/12/2013Where next after China’s moon landing?
  97. 17/12/2013Ukraine protests send icy blast through Moscow and Central Asia
  98. 16/12/2013Chile: Bachelet is back
  99. 14/12/2013Shadowy French figure in the Nelson Mandela story
  100. 13/12/2013Ukraine has ‘political will’ to sign EU deal: first deputy PM Arbuzov
  101. 12/12/2013European Parliament team heads to Iran after nuclear deal
  102. 11/12/2013France faced with long and costly CAR mission
  103. 10/12/2013World leaders at Mandela memorial service
  104. 09/12/2013How Johannesburg readied for Mandela funeral
  105. 07/12/2013After Mandela the deluge? South Africans wrestle with the icon’s legacy
  106. 05/12/2013Ukraine: what role for opposition leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk amid the political turmoil?
  107. 04/12/2013First Deputy PM of Ukraine promises full probe into protest violence
  108. 04/12/2013euronews correspondent in Ukraine gives view on crisis
  109. 04/12/2013Egyptians reject ‘stupid’ new anti-protest powers
  110. 03/12/2013Red lines crossed in Kyiv, opposition still pursuing government resignation
  111. 02/12/2013Ukraine government using thug force against media covering protests
  112. 30/11/2013European Union in association battle with Russia over Ukraine
  113. 29/11/2013European Union in association battle with Russia over Ukraine
  114. 28/11/2013Down but not out : Berlusconi plots his revenge
  115. 27/11/2013Germany: the cost of coalition
  116. 27/11/2013EU Commissioner Füle talks to euronews after Ukraine halts Association Agreement
  117. 26/11/2013Ukrainian PM ‘not surprised’ by people’s insistence on EU progress
  118. 25/11/2013Ukrainians angry over delay on path to ‘normalcy’ with EU
  119. 22/11/2013Ukraine’s enduring Holodomor horror, when millions starved in the 1930s
  120. 22/11/2013Climate change talks in Warsaw – a missed opportunity?
  121. 18/11/2013Chile’s vote for change – Bachelet’s drive for presidential re-confirmation
  122. 12/11/2013Typhoon-hit Philippines near anarchy in desperate Tacloban
  123. 04/11/2013Turkey ‘committed to democratic reform’
  124. 04/11/2013Moldovans and European integration, values, prosperity: ‘no alternative’
  125. 30/10/2013Finding the millions of missing people across the world
  126. 28/10/2013Saakashvili a page-turner for Georgia
  127. 26/10/2013euronews talks migration with Malta PM following EU summit
  128. 26/10/2013Europe-US trust, shattered by NSA spying, could take decades to rebuild
  129. 23/10/2013The battle front in the fight against the Mafia goes EU-wide
  130. 22/10/2013‘Ndrangheta mafia investing in media to manipulate, threaten democracy
  131. 17/10/2013Aid in the 21st Century – Red Cross calls for technological revolution
  132. 14/10/2013Iran nuclear talks set to get under way in Geneva
  133. 14/10/2013Russia’s hatred of immigrants ‘will get worse’ until policies change
  134. 11/10/2013IMF warns: don’t expect fast crisis recovery; reform must prevent recurrence
  135. 05/10/2013Egyptian security forces defend performance, deflect finger of ‘murder’
  136. 04/10/2013Migrants in the Mediterranean – driven by hope into a sea of troubles
  137. 03/10/2013Spanish government blames offshore gas project for wave of earthquakes
  138. 02/10/2013Helping Roma families to integrate
  139. 02/10/2013Italian political wobbles keep government in suspense
  140. 02/10/2013As trade deal with Ukraine nears, EU official cautious over political climate
  141. 30/09/2013Counting the cost of Italy’s political crisis
  142. 25/09/2013Al Shabaab’s war with Kenya: terrorist group ‘may have even surprised itself’
  143. 23/09/2013Merkel: The comfortable choice
  144. 23/09/2013Prohibition of Chemical Weapons chief talks to euronews
  145. 20/09/2013Ukraine trade and political pressure from Russia and EU ‘complicated’
  146. 18/09/2013Albania PM eyes EU membership within 10 years
  147. 12/09/2013Syrian chemical disarmament needs ‘ceasefire to implement’
  148. 11/09/2013Obama’s diplomacy detour around military strikes on Syria
  149. 11/09/2013Carmakers hoping the worst is over
  150. 10/09/2013Iran backs plan to put Syria’s chemical weapons under international control
  151. 09/09/2013Russia’s political opposition pumping up anti-Putin volume
  152. 06/09/2013G20 – a club divided over the conflict in Syria
  153. 05/09/2013Divisions over Syria split world leaders at G20 summit
  154. 04/09/2013Prospects of a Russia-US showdown at G20 in St Petersburg
  155. 02/09/2013Emerging or submerging: currency turmoil
  156. 02/09/2013Debate stalemate: Merkel still ahead after holding off Steinbruck challenge
  157. 29/08/2013Razor wire risks of possible Western military action in Syria
  158. 28/08/2013How would Russia react to US airstrikes in Syria?
  159. 28/08/201350 year anniversary of Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech
  160. 21/08/2013NSF’s Hamdeen Sabahi: ‘Egypt will not return to the times of Mubarak’
  161. 21/08/2013Pascal Boniface on the threat to European credibility over Egypt
  162. 15/08/2013What now for a deeply divided Egypt?
  163. 14/08/2013Bloody force used by Egyptian army to clear Mursi supporters protest camps
  164. 07/08/2013Pole vault legend Sergei Bubka on youth, cheats and his IOC presidential bid
  165. 06/08/2013Ergenekon: A ‘turning point’ and ‘milestone’ in Turkish politics
  166. 05/08/2013Iranians hope for an end to sanctions
  167. 03/08/2013Rouhani has the task of fixing Iran’s economy
  168. 02/08/2013New Iranian president approaching foreign policy opportunities
  169. 01/08/2013Spanish prime minister Rajoy denies corruption allegations in parliament
  170. 29/07/2013Berlusconi’s conviction appeal could create waves for Letta government
  171. 29/07/2013EU envoy attempts to mediate in Egypt after weekend of violence
  172. 25/07/2013Spain rail crash track ‘lacked high speed protection system’
  173. 19/07/2013Belgian royals usher in new era
  174. 15/07/2013Spain keeps heat under corruption scandal iceberg
  175. 08/07/2013The art of negotiation: how the EU and the US should approach free trade talks
  176. 04/07/2013Egyptian army or Muslim Brotherhood? When push comes to shove
  177. 03/07/2013Austerity angst in Portugal
  178. 03/07/2013Cuban dissident Fariñas finally picks up rights prize from MEPs
  179. 02/07/2013How angry are the Europeans really, over the US spying on them?
  180. 01/07/2013Right to life: Spanish abortion law under review
  181. 01/07/2013Lithuania: the fragile revival of the Baltic tiger
  182. 01/07/2013MEPs welcome Croatia to the EU club
  183. 28/06/2013Austerity starts at home, cut political salaries first: Lithuanian president
  184. 26/06/2013Former Cold War foes spar over Snowden
  185. 24/06/2013Merkel’s election promises may beef up support
  186. 21/06/2013Hungary finally released from EU budget scrutiny
  187. 18/06/2013Iran: Hassan Rohani, the pragmatic president
  188. 15/06/2013Window of opportunity for West in Iran says analyst
  189. 13/06/2013Iran: the leading players in the Presidential elections
  190. 13/06/2013Iran vs the West: compromise or war?
  191. 12/06/2013EBU warns Greek TV shutdown bad for democracy
  192. 12/06/2013Iran’s constitutional dictatorship furthers ‘conspiracy’
  193. 11/06/2013Iran’s economy ‘will eventually change regime’
  194. 11/06/2013“Seculars don’t understand Islamists and Islamists do not understand seculars” says Turkish analyst
  195. 11/06/2013Iran: world ‘can only hope for compromise’
  196. 07/06/2013Iran’s women discriminated against by law
  197. 04/06/2013Russia sliding towards totalitarianism, says rights activist
  198. 03/06/2013Turkey’s Erdogan, facing protests, needs ‘another election win’
  199. 29/05/2013US economy to recover faster than Europe in 2013: OECD
  200. 24/05/2013Wintry spring costs Western Europe
  201. 23/05/2013The ups and downs of Franco-German harmony
  202. 22/05/2013Tehran ditches election ‘headache’ Rafsanjani
  203. 21/05/2013‘Devastation and sadness’ in tornado-weary suburb of Moore, Oklahoma
  204. 20/05/2013European cinema in crisis ?
  205. 20/05/2013AIDS expert warns against ‘so what?’ attitude 30 years on
  206. 18/05/2013Lebanon: The Syrian refugee factor
  207. 16/05/2013The spectrum of global attitudes towards homophobia
  208. 16/05/2013Portugal – life two years after a bailout
  209. 13/05/2013Iran may avert breakdown if new president is reformist
  210. 11/05/2013Following Ferguson: the tough task facing David Moyes
  211. 08/05/2013EU opens its doors – but are Europeans interested?
  212. 06/05/2013Hollande’s year of rattling chains
  213. 02/05/2013European football speaks German
  214. 30/04/2013New Dutch King a ‘master of ceremonies’
  215. 30/04/2013Dutch royals age ‘wisely’
  216. 26/04/2013The end of austerity in Europe?
  217. 25/04/2013Western approach to Iran nuclear threat ‘non-constructive’
  218. 24/04/2013Spaniards ruined in bank share scheme feel betrayed
  219. 23/04/2013Cuba’s Ladies in White finally pick up EU rights prize
  220. 23/04/2013Gay marriage law in France mobilises traditionalists
  221. 22/04/2013Italy’s two-month stalemate
  222. 22/04/2013Shanghai on the road to profit for Europe’s carmakers
  223. 18/04/2013US on high alert
  224. 17/04/2013Thatcher’s ‘Iron’ stance towards Europe
  225. 16/04/2013IMF sees bumpy recovery
  226. 16/04/2013Terrorism attack in Boston revives US 9/11 fear
  227. 15/04/2013North Korea: the view from the south
  228. 15/04/2013Venezuela’s Capriles may trump Maduro
  229. 13/04/2013Venezuela’s election under Chavez nostalgia
  230. 11/04/2013Spain’s evicted fight back
  231. 10/04/2013More killing: Amnesty tracks executions
  232. 08/04/2013Merkel and Putin disagree on NGOs
  233. 05/04/2013Offshore: how secret rich covers were blown
  234. 04/04/2013Cypriot government sees sharper economic decline
  235. 04/04/2013Spain’s royal family facing historic legal action
  236. 03/04/2013France: tax, lies and audiotape
  237. 03/04/2013Belgrade faces tough choices to realise EU membership goal
  238. 27/03/2013North Korea in nuclear hysterics
  239. 26/03/2013Eurogroup chief under fire over Cyprus bailout
  240. 25/03/2013China’s Xi on friendship and influence tour
  241. 25/03/2013Cyprus: the ins and outs of the least worst option
  242. 21/03/2013The road ahead for Turkey and the PKK
  243. 20/03/2013EU begins its soul searching on Cyprus
  244. 19/03/2013Francis ‘I do everything myself’
  245. 18/03/2013Cyprus bank customers on bailout hook
  246. 12/03/2013Where will the next pope emerge from?
  247. 11/03/2013Papal conclave: ‘I don’t think youth is a handicap’
  248. 11/03/2013The complicated choice facing the Vatican conclave
  249. 08/03/2013Venezuela After Chavez
  250. 08/03/2013Tunisian women fight to keep Jasmin Revolution alive
  251. 07/03/2013Geneva Motor Show: a tale of two markets
  252. 07/03/2013US cardinals pushing for transparency
  253. 06/03/2013Luxury in pole position
  254. 06/03/2013Chavez: ‘An extraordinary man’
  255. 01/03/2013Don’t exaggerate Church problems – senior cardinal
  256. 28/02/2013Benedict leaves a church primed for change
  257. 27/02/2013How Benedict defended doctrine
  258. 27/02/2013Benedict will stay on as ‘shadow pope’ says theologian
  259. 27/02/2013The Vatican and the future
  260. 26/02/2013MEPs fear Italian vote will lead to paralysis
  261. 26/02/2013Italian populism vs realism
  262. 25/02/2013On the red carpet
  263. 21/02/2013Rajoy’s state of the nation holds no surprises
  264. 15/02/2013Italy wants cross border action to tackle the mafia
  265. 13/02/2013Navarro-Valls pays tribute to Benedict XVI
  266. 13/02/2013Benedict ‘humble and innovative’
  267. 13/02/2013Doctors Without Borders says life is getting worse for Syrian refugees
  268. 12/02/2013Pope’s resignation: Why, and why now?
  269. 11/02/2013Pope ‘wanted to resolve’ Church’s problems
  270. 08/02/2013Egypt and Tunisia’s new ‘Arab winter’
  271. 06/02/2013Deal or no deal on EU spending?
  272. 06/02/2013Sleaze and scams shame football
  273. 05/02/2013World according to CIA ‘ambiguous’
  274. 04/02/2013Spain’s political crisis
  275. 01/02/2013‘Black Sunday’ the day Iran arrested journalists
  276. 31/01/2013Mali “not over by any means” says US analyst
  277. 29/01/2013France divided over gay marriage
  278. 29/01/2013French lesbians head to Belgium to dodge ART ban at home
  279. 25/01/2013Davos – a new climate for change?
  280. 24/01/2013Session on unemployment dampens the mood
  281. 23/01/2013Israel, anatomy of an election
  282. 23/01/2013Cameron speech fails to win over UKIP’s Farage
  283. 23/01/2013Mountainous task for uphill strugglers in Davos
  284. 22/01/2013Hope starts to re-emerge at the 2013 Davos World Economic Forum
  285. 22/01/2013Elysee Treaty celebrates 50th birthday
  286. 19/01/2013Obama’s second wind
  287. 17/01/2013Airbus boss: ‘We remain the market leader’
  288. 17/01/2013Boeing beats Airbus for 2012 orders
  289. 16/01/2013Regional impact of war in Mali
  290. 14/01/2013French attack to contain Islamists in Mali
  291. 11/01/2013Same-sex marriage evolving in Europe
  292. 10/01/2013Venezuela ponders how to work without Chavez
  293. 10/01/2013Kurdish killings: where will the trail lead
  294. 04/01/2013Venezuela after Hugo Chavez
  295. 21/12/2012In France, Mayan prophecy a dud
  296. 21/12/2012Era ends in ancient Mayan city, but world is spared
  297. 19/12/2012EU seeks bigger health warnings for cigarettes
  298. 19/12/2012Al Qaeda’s rise in Syria
  299. 18/12/2012Christmas cheer limited in Greece
  300. 17/12/2012Newtown, USA mourns
  301. 15/12/2012Eleventh-hour Syrian carnage escalates
  302. 13/12/2012Eurozone bank supervision: how it works
  303. 12/12/2012Detained Iranians receive Sakharov Prize
  304. 10/12/2012Markets react to Monti’s decision to resign
  305. 10/12/2012Peace prize for historically war-prone Europe
  306. 06/12/2012EU urged to take tougher stance in Doha
  307. 30/11/2012Israeli EU ambassador blasts Palestinian UN move, adds ‘settlement reversible’
  308. 29/11/2012Palestine: a global recognition
  309. 26/11/2012Catalan poll blurs regional future
  310. 23/11/2012Catalonia’s independence fever and federal Spain
  311. 22/11/2012Hamas the ‘winner’ of Gaza truce
  312. 21/11/2012Israel’s shrinking diplomatic room
  313. 20/11/2012Israel’s new media war
  314. 16/11/2012Egypt president treads a fine line between Palestinians and Israel
  315. 15/11/2012Israeli/Hamas conflict: why now?
  316. 15/11/2012China: the straining giant’s new leaders
  317. 14/11/2012Europe hit by anti-austerity strikes
  318. 14/11/2012Xi head man of China’s future
  319. 08/11/2012China’s new leaders consider corruption and the poor
  320. 07/11/2012‘Forward’ means facing painful reforms in US – Bremmer
  321. 07/11/2012Obama and Europe – another four years
  322. 06/11/2012Social influences on US vote
  323. 06/11/2012Veteran civil rights activist on US racial progress
  324. 06/11/2012Early voters angered by limited access to ballot
  325. 05/11/2012Obama camp confident ahead of election day
  326. 02/11/2012Jobs worry many US voters
  327. 02/11/2012US economy grim for many but not all
  328. 01/11/2012Who is the real Mitt Romney?
  329. 01/11/2012Mitt Romney: The Comeback Kid
  330. 31/10/2012Portugal’s new budget passes first hurdle
  331. 31/10/2012‘More difficult than Obama thought’
  332. 31/10/2012Obama’s legacy
  333. 30/10/2012US ‘still dominates’ – Amanpour
  334. 30/10/2012Foreign policy complicated
  335. 29/10/2012Ukraine election: the numbers game
  336. 28/10/2012Did the Italian establishment do deals with the Mafia?
  337. 23/10/2012Obama and Romney differences slight over foreign policy
  338. 22/10/2012Spain election results like ‘reading two countries’
  339. 19/10/2012ETA, steps toward contrition
  340. 18/10/2012Libya’s rapist ‘guide’
  341. 16/10/2012Red Cross warns refugees are being forgotten
  342. 15/10/2012Could Bart’s breakthrough lead to Belgium break-up
  343. 12/10/2012Europe’s dream of peace and prosperity
  344. 11/10/2012Extent of Armstrong’s doping takes centre stage
  345. 11/10/2012Behind the EADS-BAE mega-merger flop
  346. 09/10/2012Greece and Germany ‘keeping minds open’
  347. 04/10/2012Romney widely applauded for debate
  348. 03/10/2012Georgia’s new top man is Russia-friendly
  349. 02/10/2012Iran’s rial crisis linked to regime
  350. 28/09/2012UN relevance, strengths and flaws
  351. 24/09/2012News+: Powerless over Belarus
  352. 20/09/2012EU-China : agreeing to disagree
  353. 19/09/2012Abdelkader el-Hadji, Aleppo rebel leader: “We are stronger”
  354. 18/09/2012Muslim anger mostly for America
  355. 14/09/2012Deadly hate protests follow smears of Mohammed
  356. 13/09/2012News+: Dutch pro-Europe parties claim victory
  357. 11/09/2012Spain’s Catalonia region – speeding toward separation?
  358. 07/09/2012Obama speech targets Romney foreign policy gaffs
  359. 06/09/2012Spanish VAT rise ‘a backward plunge’
  360. 31/08/2012Obama’s ‘second Convention advantage’
  361. 29/08/2012Libyan Health Minister criticises ‘new corruption’
  362. 27/08/2012US Republicans’ serious funding to unseat Obama
  363. 24/08/2012Romney looks to Convention for bounce
  364. 30/07/2012EU and Romania impeachment referendum
  365. 27/07/2012Syria: Assad the domino that will not fall
  366. 26/07/2012London shares Olympics with the world
  367. 26/07/2012London 2012: The changing face of the Olympics
  368. 20/07/2012Bank bailout but at a price for Spain
  369. 17/07/2012The road ahead as European car sales stall
  370. 29/06/2012EU bank aid deal ‘better than expected, worse than needed’
  371. 27/06/2012Turkey-Syria military risk higher
  372. 25/06/2012Morsi to rule by dialogue
  373. 22/06/2012Euro leaders back 130bn growth plan
  374. 22/06/2012Spanish banks face difficult summer
  375. 19/06/2012Greece: growth versus austerity
  376. 18/06/2012Greece seeks coalition after tight vote
  377. 18/06/2012France’s Socialists get a strong mandate to govern
  378. 16/06/2012Greek voters hit wall
  379. 15/06/2012Boycott calls grow in Egypt presidential election
  380. 11/06/2012Reaction to Spain’s bank rescue
  381. 11/06/2012French Socialists feel power in reach
  382. 06/06/2012Spain’s Bankia a red flag
  383. 30/05/2012Spanish banking crisis worsens
  384. 24/05/2012Amnesty cites UN hypocrisy, EU scapegoating
  385. 22/05/2012MEPs consider Greece and growth ahead of informal summit
  386. 22/05/2012Egyptian election frontrunners
  387. 18/05/2012Zuckerberg – code, people and riches
  388. 17/05/2012Greece sacking to survive
  389. 16/05/2012Greece in paralysis of uncertainty
  390. 07/05/2012A View From The US: Amanpour on Hollande’s victory
  391. 07/05/2012What now for Greece?
  392. 07/05/2012France: next in foreign policy…
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