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  • Campbell, Omura and Tu win 2015 Nobel rpize for Physiology or medicine – Reuters
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A closer inspection of the leading news stories of the moment, including a more in-depth analysis and interviews with those in the know.

Fainthearted voters wary of Portuguese politics

02/10 11:30 CET

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Previous editions

  1. 27/05/2015‘A sad day for football’, but can Sepp Blatter ride it out?
  2. 26/05/2015Iran begins trial of US journalist held for ten months
  3. 25/05/2015Spanish local and regional elections deal major blow to big parties
  4. 21/05/2015Greek island of Samos feels strain of migrant influx
  5. 15/05/2015Portugal weighs prizes and pain of four years of austerity
  6. 15/05/2015Burundi failed coup leader ‘overestimated army’s support’
  7. 13/05/2015EU unveils quota system plans to tackle migration crisis
  8. 08/05/2015Veteran marks VE Day in Ukraine and remembers his grandson killed in Donbas
  9. 07/05/2015Last Red Army cameraman stuck his neck out all the way to Berlin
  10. 07/05/2015Missing Soviet soldiers and the quest to lay WWII to rest
  11. 05/05/2015Could Britain’s economy survive an EU exit?
  12. 28/04/2015New Turkish Cypriot leader Akinci amplifies reunification resolve
  13. 20/04/2015Migrant crisis: What options does Europe have?
  14. 08/04/2015Europe is ‘bluffing’ over Greece-Russia relations – analyst
  15. 02/04/2015Iran’s nuclear talks with P5 face steady pressure from ultra-conservatives
  16. 30/03/2015French conservatives deliver Socialists sharp slap in local polls
  17. 27/03/2015Boko Haram will not ‘sabotage’ Nigeria’s presidential poll, says analyst
  18. 25/03/2015Germanwings crash: recovery mission ‘difficult’ amid bad weather
  19. 24/03/2015Germanwings crash: lack of radio contact ‘may not be surprising’
  20. 19/03/2015Tunisia attack an assault on tourism and Arab world’s ‘first democracy’
  21. 18/03/2015Israel election result ‘continues deadlock in Middle East’
  22. 17/03/2015Crimea’s Tatars yearn for homeland one year after Russian annexation
  23. 16/03/2015As Israeli election nears, economic concerns take precedence over peace
  24. 13/03/2015Syria’s blackout demonstrates deadly entry into fifth year of civil war
  25. 11/03/2015Bravery by proxy: TV reality shows cast values in doubt
  26. 09/03/2015More Iraq sites at risk from ISIL ‘cultural cleansing’ – UNESCO
  27. 06/03/2015How the US has handed part of Iraqi battlefield to Iran – analyst
  28. 04/03/2015Germany’s Merkel rebuffs talk of new Greek bailout
  29. 02/03/2015Interview: The consequences of Boris Nemtsov’s murder
  30. 26/02/2015ISIL grooming schoolgirls as volunteer brides for jihad
  31. 23/02/2015‘Birdman’ awarded Best Picture, with Mexican Alejandro Iñárritu Best Director
  32. 20/02/2015Is the EU’s ‘big data’ effective in fighting terror?
  33. 19/02/2015Investigations of police shooting of protesters in Ukraine enter second year
  34. 17/02/2015Greeks back Syriza’s tough debt stance as talks break down
  35. 13/02/2015Pope Francis checks up on Vatican civil service reform
  36. 10/02/2015Less talk and more action, Ukraine envoy tells EU
  37. 09/02/2015Western powers, Russia trade blows over Ukraine in Munich
  38. 03/02/2015Latvian exports hit by Russian embargo
  39. 28/01/2015Greek novice government defies odds on debt
  40. 27/01/2015Greece interview: what’s next for the Tsipras government?
  41. 21/01/2015Greek voters crave education and health rescue
  42. 16/01/2015“ISIL is the baby of George W Bush”
  43. 14/01/2015Islam expert Nilüfer Göle: ‘a new Europe where Muslims play a great role’
  44. 14/01/2015Brussels mulls fast track to pooling air passenger data
  45. 10/01/2015Muslim groups fear backlash after terrorist attacks in Paris
  46. 09/01/2015Charlie Hebdo: the future for the press in France
  47. 31/12/2014Tunisia’s new President Essebsi vows he will turn page on past
  48. 22/12/2014Qatar airlines take delivery of first Airbus A350
  49. 18/12/2014Putin upbeat on Russian economy but doesn’t say how or when it will recover
  50. 15/12/2014Press freedom in Hungary “at risk” says Council of Europe
  51. 03/12/2014Corruption overshadows China, Turkey, Italy, holding back development
  52. 02/12/2014South Stream pullout by Russia hits eastern Europe hardest
  53. 01/12/2014EU looks east as Tusk takes top job
  54. 25/11/2014Pope Francis slams ‘haggard’ EU
  55. 24/11/2014Pope set to focus on social issues in address to MEPs
  56. 19/11/2014Jerusalem ‘extremist Jews’ triggered more violence says expert
  57. 14/11/2014G20 eyes tax crackdown
  58. 07/11/2014Christians flee ISIL menace to Kurdistan, perhaps permanent exiles
  59. 06/11/2014Luxembourg’s attractive company tax leaks tempt scandal
  60. 05/11/2014Obama: the rocky road ahead with a Republican Congress
  61. 04/11/2014Mexico ruined by corruption murders says missing students’ defender
  62. 31/10/2014Campaoré‘s 27 year hold on Burkina Fasso ends
  63. 30/10/2014Alaeddin Boroujerdi: US responsible for ISIL creation
  64. 28/10/2014Washington on Ukraine: ‘one big opportunity for serious reforms’
  65. 28/10/2014Prosecutor explains significance of anti-Mafia trial
  66. 27/10/2014Ukraine election: Yuriy Lutsenko tells euronews about coalition talks
  67. 27/10/2014Russian view on Ukrainian elections: ‘beware nationalism’
  68. 24/10/2014Ukraine elections likely to fuel tension between Kyiv and Moscow
  69. 23/10/2014EU – Ukraine: False expectations
  70. 23/10/2014Kharkiv ‘never had eastern-western conflicts’
  71. 22/10/2014Team Juncker set to take over EU helm
  72. 22/10/2014Kurdistan asks West to sustain, expand support to fight ISIL
  73. 14/10/2014No solution ‘in battle between Spanish and Catalan nationalism’
  74. 10/10/2014Eurozone growth fears dominate IMF annual gathering
  75. 09/10/2014Hong Kong protests ‘will not’ affect Beijing’s control much
  76. 08/10/2014Christians of Iraq backed strongly from France
  77. 07/10/2014Ebola fear in Spain, ‘health officials should quit’
  78. 02/10/2014Hong Kong: youths demand free voice in future
  79. 01/10/2014New NATO chief vows to defend Turkey
  80. 29/09/2014Catalonia pushes for change, Madrid pushes back
  81. 17/09/2014Is a divided Belgium looking towards Scotland for independence inspiration?
  82. 12/09/2014Doing business in Russia, despite the economic sanctions
  83. 10/09/2014Juncker seeks ‘political’ European Commission
  84. 04/09/2014Ebola ‘fast-track’ strategy under WHO scrutiny in Geneva
  85. 03/09/2014Russia and Ukraine at forefront of NATO minds at summit in Wales
  86. 01/09/2014Memories of Beslan a decade later
  87. 28/08/2014Where next for Erdogan’s ‘New Turkey’?
  88. 15/08/2014Iraq’s foreign minister warns Islamic State ‘out of control’
  89. 14/08/2014Bruised Kurds seek to reassert themselves over Islamic State in Iraq
  90. 11/08/2014Erdoğan’s election leaves questions unanswered for Turkey’s future
  91. 08/08/2014No candidates are likely to thwart Erdogan, says polling analyst
  92. 08/08/2014Ana Arabia: a cinematic appeal for peace in the Middle East
  93. 07/08/2014Turkey’s Erdogan woos expat voters
  94. 31/07/2014Argentina continues its default dance with the ‘vultures’
  95. 17/07/2014Mideast-US diplomacy may be tiring
  96. 16/07/2014Hamas believes ‘important political gains to be made’ by striking at Israel
  97. 15/07/2014MEPs pick Juncker as next Commission chief
  98. 10/07/2014The consequences and risks of the conflict between Gaza and Israel
  99. 10/07/2014Deal on the cards in Argentine debt dispute
  100. 07/07/2014Middle East: violence threatens to spiral out of control
  101. 03/07/2014Egypt, one year after Mursi’s removal, few signs of revolution
  102. 27/06/2014Round-up of reactions to signing of Partnership Agreements
  103. 26/06/2014Building a Ukraine of fundamental rights ‘best recipe for entire integration’
  104. 23/06/2014The dangers of extremism for Iraq and the wider world
  105. 19/06/2014Spain’s King Felipe sworn in pledging to set high moral example
  106. 18/06/2014Spanish royal insider: ‘new king and queen should get out in the street’
  107. 18/06/2014Spanish monarchy ‘would be well-served by moderation’
  108. 18/06/2014Iraq emergency raises real possibility of US-Iranian co-operation
  109. 11/06/2014Fall of Mosul ‘not completely innocent — it serves Maliki’
  110. 11/06/2014What’s behind Brazil’s street protests
  111. 10/06/2014EU job row rumbles on
  112. 06/06/2014D-Day: ‘We are all 70’
  113. 03/06/2014Syria’s Assad holds historic election; critics decry ‘blood poll’
  114. 02/06/2014Spain’s King Juan Carlos to abdicate, for better or for worse
  115. 28/05/2014EU Parliament-Council power struggle over Juncker ‘not bad’
  116. 20/05/2014Is Russia looking East as distance with West grows?
  117. 17/05/2014Portugal’s bailout is over, but not the austerity
  118. 14/05/2014Boko Haram: rebels with a cause, or simple gangsters?
  119. 29/04/2014Sanction strains grow in EU-US stance towards Russia over Ukraine
  120. 25/04/2014Portugal’s Carnation hope overpowered by austerity bitterness
  121. 18/04/2014Algeria: how long can re-elected ailing Bouteflika hold on?
  122. 15/04/2014Russia calls EU nations fearful of Russian attack ‘victims of own hysteria’
  123. 07/04/2014Hungarians re-elect powerful Orban
  124. 07/04/2014Rwandan reconciliation difficult 20 years on
  125. 03/04/2014Hungary turning eastward, ignoring EU standards ‘costly’
  126. 02/04/2014IPCC report: climate change ‘never as rapid as now’
  127. 01/04/2014Cost of living in Hungary, tight government, tight belts
  128. 31/03/2014French blues: conservatives win elections, far right gains, left lies bruised
  129. 31/03/2014Turkey: ‘voters didn’t vote to punish government over corruption allegations’
  130. 28/03/2014Turkish local elections: ‘What is at stake are fundamental rights and freedoms’
  131. 27/03/2014Stolen babies, stolen lives, Spanish justice served cold
  132. 26/03/2014Malaysian plane searchers ‘sure of nothing’
  133. 26/03/2014Transatlantic unity over Crimea crisis – but what about Europe’s military spending?
  134. 26/03/2014MH370 search depth, remoteness daunting
  135. 25/03/2014Restoring the trans-Atlantic relationship on Obama’s visit to Brussels
  136. 21/03/2014Russia’s annexation of Crimea is ‘armed robbery,’ says Ukrainian PM Yatsenyuk
  137. 21/03/2014France’s mid-term elections: left braces for impact
  138. 20/03/2014Putin’s words over Crimea ‘terribly reminiscent of Hitler’
  139. 20/03/2014Ukraine crisis: former president Kravchuk warns of further difficulties ahead
  140. 19/03/2014Missing plane mystery haunts Malaysia
  141. 19/03/2014Ukraine crisis: former president Kravchuk warns of further difficulties ahead
  142. 19/03/2014EU leaders mull further Russia sanctions
  143. 18/03/2014Ties that bind: the economics of the EU-Russia relationship
  144. 17/03/2014Ukraine’s eastern governor confident region ‘can protect itself’
  145. 14/03/2014Ukraine: from Crimea to Kyiv
  146. 12/03/2014Pope Francis, one year on: ‘We never imagined he’d have such energy’
  147. 11/03/2014Threat of terrorist attack in Europe still ‘serious’, warns EU security chief
  148. 11/03/2014Interpol highlights threat from terrorists using stolen passports
  149. 08/03/2014Women’s Day, India, suffering in world’s largest ‘democracy’
  150. 07/03/2014Juncker urges EU voters to reject populism
  151. 07/03/2014Putin ‘wants to rebuild USSR with Ukraine’ – Brzezinski
  152. 06/03/2014Russia EU ambassador scorns Brussels for ‘systemic blunders’ over Ukraine
  153. 03/03/2014Schulz wins ‘one-horse race’ to become Socialist choice for top EU job
  154. 28/02/2014euronews spoke to Russia’s ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov
  155. 27/02/2014Is crisis-hit Ukraine moving towards separatism?
  156. 27/02/2014‘Elements of democracy have disappeared’ – former Venezuelan Interior Minister
  157. 26/02/2014Airbus profits rise, will boost aircraft production – CEO Enders
  158. 25/02/2014Venezuela’s bloody people’s protests challenge Maduro’s competence
  159. 24/02/2014Sochi: End of Games
  160. 24/02/2014European elections 2014: Greens aim for EU ‘renewal’
  161. 23/02/2014Ukrainians take a look around Yanukovich compound
  162. 21/02/2014Kyiv medic Olesya survives sniper bullet through neck
  163. 17/02/2014Renzi will lead Italy successfully – analyst
  164. 13/02/2014ETA convicts: life after ceasefire
  165. 11/02/2014Euro election countdown begins
  166. 11/02/2014What now for ETA’s prisoners?
  167. 10/02/2014Switzerland set for collision course with EU
  168. 08/02/2014Sochi Winter Olympics: “There is a festive atmosphere everywhere”
  169. 06/02/2014Sochi prepares to welcome the world with winter wonderland
  170. 04/02/2014Georgia will send Olympians to Sochi