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World Innovation Summit for Education
Learning World: a weekly report on worldwide education for both children and adults, including inspiring stories and analysis from experts in the field

Get them early, the key to educational success

18/04 17:02 CET

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Learning World Concept

Education is a pillar of societies all around the world and as such strikes a chord with people across the planet whatever their background. We want our stories to have personal and global resonance.

Our viewers will travel the globe with Learning World and see and hear a vast range of stories covering the many facets of education. Our reports will inform, entertain, inspire, shock, move, surprise... We'll be looking at the present day, but also investigating the shape of education to come.

Join us each week for Learning World.

You can also see all our Learning World reports on the website of our partner WISE.

About our partner

The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) is a unique international multisectoral initiative for creative thinking, debate and purposeful action, aiming at shaping effective change in education.

WISE is an initiative of Qatar Foundation, launched in 2009 under the leadership of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser.

For more information and to join the WISE Community, visit WISE website:

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