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World Innovation Summit for Education

Education, a pillar of societies, strikes a chord with people across the planet. Our stories have a personal and global resonance.

Join us each week on Learning World as we travel the globe to bring you a vast range of stories covering the many facets of education. Our reports will inform, inspire and entertain.

You can also see all our Learning World reports on the website of our partner WISE.

Knowledge is power: how Big Data is transforming education

22/05 17:24 CET

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Learning World Concept

Education, a pillar of societies, strikes a chord with people across the planet. Our stories have a personal and global resonance.

Join us each week on Learning World as we travel the globe to bring you a vast range of stories covering the many facets of education. Our reports will inform, inspire and entertain.

You can also see all our Learning World reports on the website of our partner WISE.

Previous editions

  1. 05/11/2014Creativity matters in the classroom, but can it be taught?
  2. 05/11/2014WISE prize winner Ann Cotton says money will go to Africa projects
  3. 04/11/2014WISE honour for Ann Cotton, Africa women’s education campaigner
  4. 30/10/2014[As it happened] Imagine, Create, Learn: reinventing education at WISE summit 2014
  5. 30/10/2014From Cairo streets to Indian villages, meet the life-changing WISE winners
  6. 24/10/2014WISE Awards: rewarding the inspirers
  7. 17/10/2014Living and learning at boarding school
  8. 10/10/2014Playing politics: young movers and shakers
  9. 03/10/2014Learning through “serious games”
  10. 26/09/2014Exploring South Africa’s troubled education system
  11. 19/09/2014The lessons we can learn from making mistakes
  12. 12/09/2014First Aid for minority languages
  13. 05/09/2014Differing schools of thought: controversy over education curricula
  14. 18/07/2014Enjoying summer with mermaids, movies and menus
  15. 11/07/2014Education in the Netherlands: ‘I don’t want my daughter taught in a museum’
  16. 04/07/2014The art of happiness through positive education
  17. 27/06/2014The importance of vocational skills
  18. 20/06/2014Changing education for a changing world
  19. 13/06/2014Focus on Brazil: teaching more than tackling
  20. 06/06/2014Students of the weird and wonderful
  21. 30/05/2014What’s the score? the pros and cons of the marking system
  22. 23/05/2014Living history to learn and retain it
  23. 16/05/2014Mother nurture: the impact of maternal influence on children’s education
  24. 09/05/2014Good vibrations: sound and silence in education
  25. 02/05/2014Get connected: how tweets, chats and Vine videos boost learning
  26. 25/04/2014Happy days: the benefits of making lessons fun
  27. 18/04/2014Get them early, the key to educational success
  28. 11/04/2014Education credit crunch: innovative ideas for financing your studies
  29. 04/04/2014How health and hygiene go hand in hand with education
  30. 28/03/2014Georgia’s school report: on the right path, more effort needed
  31. 21/03/2014Ripple effect: the big ideas making waves in worldwide education
  32. 14/03/2014Education in prisons: learning the hard way
  33. 07/03/2014Breaking down the barriers to equal education rights
  34. 28/02/2014Bridging the technological divide
  35. 21/02/2014Better education through better teaching
  36. 14/02/2014Transforming Brazil’s slum kids, second chances in Corfu and Jordan
  37. 07/02/2014Education on the move with MOOCs
  38. 31/01/2014Creative thinking: taking an artistic approach to science
  39. 24/01/2014Making money central to the learning experience
  40. 17/01/2014In a league of their own: the best performers in global education
  41. 10/01/2014Turning the corner in Tunisia: a Learning World special focus
  42. 03/01/2014What’s another year?
  43. 27/12/2013Air, Fire and Water
  44. 20/12/2013Creative thinking: new ideas in education
  45. 13/12/2013Rural education
  46. 06/12/2013Education on the move
  47. 29/11/2013‘Home’ education: how beneficial is it?
  48. 22/11/2013The long road to school in Mexico, Uganda and Kenya
  49. 15/11/2013WISE Prize 2013: Vicky Colbert’s silent revolution
  50. 08/11/2013An Olympic education
  51. 01/11/2013Lebanon: the future is now
  52. 01/11/2013WISE 2013: The role of technology in education
  53. 31/10/2013The WISE Educational Awards recognise innovative projects from New Zealand to Canada
  54. 31/10/20132013 WISE Prize awarded to Vicky Colbert
  55. 30/10/2013WISE: Reinventing education for life
  56. 25/10/2013Inspirational programmes changing the educational landscape in three countries
  57. 18/10/2013PEAS, ALISON and MEDERSAT among the WISE guys in international education awards
  58. 11/10/2013The mutual benefits of volunteer work
  59. 04/10/2013Educating the world from top to bottom
  60. 27/09/2013Homework – Marks out of 10 for learning?
  61. 20/09/2013German education: from bureaucracy to philosophy
  62. 13/09/2013Memories, dreams and reflections of schooldays
  63. 06/09/2013Back to School Blues
  64. 30/08/2013Becoming a leader is something you learn
  65. 27/08/2013In sickness and in class
  66. 23/08/2013What makes some schools amazing?
  67. 16/08/2013Summer camps: a different kind of holiday
  68. 09/08/2013Still too many children not getting an education
  69. 05/08/2013TED winner Mitra warns teachers to be ready for change
  70. 02/08/2013Education faces a possible future without teachers
  71. 26/07/2013Exposing Slavery
  72. 19/07/2013Morocco aims for a 21st century education system
  73. 12/07/2013Real life education
  74. 05/07/2013What’s the use of a PhD anyway?
  75. 28/06/2013Are exams the best way to test our teens?
  76. 21/06/2013Subject to choice
  77. 14/06/2013My nursery is different
  78. 07/06/2013How IT is boosting education
  79. 31/05/2013Do school uniforms make a difference?
  80. 24/05/2013Turkey: bridging cultures
  81. 17/05/2013The lessons of tweeting; learning from social media
  82. 10/05/2013The power of civic education
  83. 03/05/2013The serious side of games
  84. 26/04/2013A mentor: a life-changing experience
  85. 19/04/2013Changing lives through education
  86. 12/04/2013Drop-outs: dealing with failure
  87. 05/04/2013The MOOC Movement – learning for all?
  88. 29/03/2013Syria: Rebuilding education
  89. 22/03/2013Rooted to the classics
  90. 15/03/2013Educating the green guardians of the future
  91. 08/03/2013100 years after launch of International Women’s day the struggle continues
  92. 01/03/2013Violence in schools: The dread of cyber-bullying
  93. 20/02/2013Oiling the wheels of education in the Gulf
  94. 15/02/2013A sporting chance in the classroom
  95. 08/02/2013Doha’s WISE awards recognise top educational projects
  96. 01/02/2013Displaced Children
  97. 25/01/2013Haiti: Rebuilding education
  98. 18/01/2013Building bridges between school and work
  99. 11/01/2013Sharing the pain, learning the lesson
  100. 04/01/2013The boys and girls who’d rather go to school
  101. 28/12/2012Learning the abilities to overcome disabilities
  102. 21/12/2012Wise words in India teach thousands in the slums
  103. 14/12/2012Leaving no orphans behind
  104. 07/12/2012Education and Media
  105. 30/11/2012In business
  106. 23/11/2012Class music on three continents
  107. 16/11/2012‘Flipped’ classrooms improve learning
  108. 15/11/2012Doha education summit ‘collaborates for change’
  109. 15/11/2012WISE summit announces six new winners
  110. 14/11/2012Optimism is the winner
  111. 14/11/2012Education is the key
  112. 09/11/2012“WISE” winners & altruistic innovators
  113. 02/11/2012The Great Escape: children break free from crises
  114. 26/10/2012US education in focus
  115. 17/10/2012The bilingualism challenge
  116. 12/10/2012Education on the frontline of the European crisis
  117. 05/10/2012Calls for an educational revolution in Egypt
  118. 14/09/2012Cognition recognition in the learning process
  119. 07/09/2012Rediscovering a love of reading
  120. 28/08/2012Summer Learning
  121. 21/08/2012Changing places
  122. 14/08/2012Building the schools of tomorrow
  123. 03/08/2012Informal learning
  124. 27/07/2012Sporty students: combining studies and high performance sport
  125. 18/07/2012Making Waves
  126. 17/07/2012Learning World: Microcredit for Education
  127. 09/07/2012Well fed, well read
  128. 05/07/2012Horizontal education
  129. 28/06/2012At what age philosophy?
  130. 21/06/2012Green is the colour
  131. 15/06/2012Game on!
  132. 08/06/2012Football: Kick-starting education
  133. 04/06/2012Glassblowing, construction and whistling
  134. 24/05/2012Inspiring the teachers
  135. 16/05/2012Gifted children
  136. 07/05/2012Helping migrant children find their feet
  137. 04/05/2012Agriculture: sowing the seeds of the future
  138. 25/04/2012Vocational training: learning as you go
  139. 19/04/2012Consequences of conflict
  140. 12/04/2012After calamity strikes
  141. 29/03/2012WISE prizes for educational innovation
  142. 22/03/2012Funding Education
  143. 22/03/2012Discipline in school – the pain of learning
  144. 14/03/2012Unschooling: the new class of learning
  145. 08/03/2012Lighting the way for women
  146. 02/03/2012Spotlight on Russia
  147. 23/02/2012Ending exclusion
  148. 16/02/2012Education and the Arab Spring
  149. 10/02/2012Why we should never stop learning
  150. 03/02/2012Education moves
  151. 27/01/2012Teaching indigenous culture
  152. 23/01/2012Coping with autism
  153. 13/01/2012Closing divisions
  154. 05/01/2012It’s a media world
  155. 02/01/2012Learning to count the pennies
  156. 23/12/2011Defying disability
  157. 19/12/2011No gender please, we’re pupils
  158. 09/12/201120 years after the USSR
  159. 02/12/2011Learning from another generation
  160. 28/11/2011Web bonus – Talking about teachers
  161. 23/11/2011The best days of your life?

About our partner

The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) is a unique international multisectoral initiative for creative thinking, debate and purposeful action, aiming at shaping effective change in education.

WISE is an initiative of Qatar Foundation, launched in 2009 under the leadership of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser.

For more information and to join the WISE Community, visit WISE website: