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  • Ukrainian elections: Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk orders security to be boosted to prevent “terrorist acts“ being carried out – Reuters
  • Ukrainian PM Arseny Yatsenyuk warns of possible attempts by Russia to destabilise Sunday’s parliamentary election in Ukraine – Reuters
  • The funeral of Christophe de Margerie, CEO of Total, will take place in Normandy on Monday at 17:00 CET – AFP
All the latest news, interviews and analysis concerning the EU from the euronews' team in Brussels.

EU leaders consider climate package

22/10 18:15 CET

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Previous editions

  1. 02/10/2014MEPs recall Britain’s Hill for second hearing
  2. 01/10/2014Spain’s EU pick comes under fire for ‘oil links’
  3. 30/09/2014Amnesty warns EU again on ‘Fortress Europe’
  4. 29/09/2014MEPs quiz EU’s next trade czar ‘in waiting’
  5. 28/09/2014MEPs take aim at Juncker’s candidates
  6. 26/09/2014German fears cloud EU-Canada deal
  7. 26/09/2014Ukraine, Russia mull EU gas deal
  8. 24/09/2014EU counter-terrorism chief says EU is fighting terrorism increasingly effectively
  9. 24/09/2014Europol launches biggest ever Europe-wide crackdown on organised crime
  10. 23/09/2014UN urges EU not to forget Gaza
  11. 23/09/2014MEP’s unveil right prize nominees
  12. 22/09/2014Love knows no borders, EU study shows
  13. 22/09/2014Belgian police play down EU attack reports
  14. 18/09/2014Brussels celebration for European Effie Awards for marketing
  15. 16/09/2014MEPs express support and surprise over landmark EU-Ukraine deal
  16. 15/09/2014Ebola: EU states urged to commit additional cash
  17. 15/09/2014Ukraine considers key postponed EU deal amidst Moscow pressure
  18. 11/09/2014Pope to address MEPs
  19. 11/09/2014Catalonia seeks Scottish inspiration
  20. 10/09/2014New EU Commission gives key economic posts to France, Britain
  21. 09/09/2014EU sanctions against Russia delayed for now
  22. 08/09/2014EU Russia sanctions delayed
  23. 05/09/2014Russian ambassador to EU on Ukraine ceasefire
  24. 04/09/2014Member states choose nine female EU Commissioners
  25. 03/09/2014Mogherini faces MEPs after nomination
  26. 03/09/2014EU set to hit Russia with more sanctions
  27. 03/09/2014EU initiative aims to support agricultural sectors hit by Russia sanctions
  28. 30/08/2014Russia-Ukraine intrudes on EU top job summit
  29. 18/08/2014EU promises aid to help farmers hit by Russia sanctions
  30. 15/08/2014Brussels to help EU farmers hit by Russian import ban
  31. 13/08/2014Greek farmers suffer in economic war between Russia and EU
  32. 02/08/2014“I don’t want to imagine their screams” – historian recounts carnage of WWI battlefield in Alsace
  33. 31/07/2014EU formally blacklists Putin cronies
  34. 31/07/2014Juncker wants more women in top EU jobs
  35. 30/07/2014Russian envoy says EU sanctions will ‘backfire’
  36. 29/07/2014EU probe finds Kosovo fighters committed crimes against humanity
  37. 28/07/2014EU slams Hungary’s new advertising tax
  38. 24/07/2014EU mulls tougher Russia sanctions
  39. 23/07/2014EU attitude to Moscow has changed, says Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin
  40. 22/07/2014EU raises possibility of economic sanctions against Russia
  41. 17/07/2014EU top jobs puzzle, more time to scratch heads
  42. 16/07/2014How are the EU’s top jobs decided?
  43. 14/07/2014EU leaders seek to appoint top officials
  44. 09/07/2014EU turning into ‘Fortress Europe’, Amnesty warns
  45. 08/07/2014Juncker seeks socialist to be EU economic czar
  46. 08/07/2014On the road with Europe’s immigrants
  47. 07/07/2014Dalli, Barroso trade barbs over ‘Tobaccogate’
  48. 07/07/2014Barroso takes the witness stand in Dalli bribery case
  49. 02/07/2014Renzi calls for EU to hit the growth button
  50. 01/07/2014EU job horse trading returns Schulz to EP presidency
  51. 30/06/2014EU’s ‘travelling circus’ hits the road again
  52. 24/06/2014Farage unveils ‘new’ group and new name
  53. 23/06/2014Ukraine foreign minister eyes EU membership within 10 years
  54. 23/06/2014EU threatens Russia with further sanctions if no improvement in Ukrainian situation
  55. 20/06/2014EU Socialists set to meet in Paris
  56. 19/06/2014UKIP’s Farage seals EP deal
  57. 18/06/2014Schulz still seeks Commission role
  58. 17/06/2014US farmers seek better access to EU markets
  59. 16/06/2014Europe could face gas shortages in winter
  60. 13/06/2014Italy’s Five Star chooses UKIP for European Parliament alliance
  61. 12/06/2014EU ministers reach GMO crop deal
  62. 12/06/2014Water resources under strain in Zaatari
  63. 11/06/2014Ukraine calls Russian gas offer ‘a trap’.
  64. 05/06/2014Asylum granted to Guinean man in Belgium after threats in Greece
  65. 05/06/2014G7 leaders arrive for summit
  66. 04/06/2014Ukraine set to dominate G7 summit in Brussels
  67. 03/06/2014FIFA World Cup 2014: Keeping a close eye on match fixing
  68. 03/06/2014EC warns France on deficit rules
  69. 28/05/2014Le Pen looks for allies to form European Parliament bloc
  70. 21/05/2014Eurosceptic vote success ‘would force mainstream parties into new coalitions’
  71. 21/05/2014Italy struggles with new wave of African migrants
  72. 21/05/2014Racist attacks on immigrants on the rise in Sweden
  73. 20/05/2014Far right leader Geert Wilders cuts up EU flag in Brussels
  74. 19/05/2014Power struggle for European Commission president looms after elections
  75. 19/05/2014Polish voters fret over Ukraine crisis ahead of EU election
  76. 16/05/2014UKIP: the British Tea Party set to cause a ‘political earthquake’
  77. 15/05/2014Moldova eyes EU pact
  78. 14/05/2014Le Pen, Wilders set for eurosceptic pact
  79. 13/05/2014Kiev signs EU financial aid deal
  80. 12/05/2014Italy’s “Five Star Movement” sets its sights on Europe
  81. 09/05/2014Spain: tiny foreign island of ‘full’ employment in Catalonia
  82. 07/05/2014Trade tops the agenda at the EU-Japan Summit
  83. 06/05/2014A long road to victory for Robin Hood
  84. 06/05/2014Europe’s choice: Rich man, poor man
  85. 30/04/2014Deep austerity cuts in Portugal see children hardest hit
  86. 30/04/2014EU marks 10th anniversary of 2004 enlargement
  87. 29/04/2014Rivals for Brussels top job mark out territory live on euronews
  88. 28/04/2014Reflections on first-ever debate between European Commission President candidates
  89. 28/04/2014#EUdebate2014 – Part III: Foreign Policy
  90. 28/04/2014#EUdebate2014 – Part II: The Future
  91. 28/04/2014#EUdebate2014 – Part I: The Economy
  92. 28/04/2014European presidential debate: economy
  93. 28/04/2014EU debate 2014: live studio analysis on the presidential debate from Brussels
  94. 25/04/2014Head of European Liberals, Guy Verhofstadt gives taste of his federalist recipe at campaign launch
  95. 24/04/2014Anti-corruption group rounds on EU over lobbying, conflicts of interest and closed-door culture
  96. 24/04/2014European elections: How it works?
  97. 24/04/2014Jean-Claude Juncker, European People’s Party candidate for Commission President
  98. 24/04/2014Schulz European Socialists’ choice to preside over European Commission
  99. 24/04/2014Tsipras the choice of European Left to head European Commission
  100. 24/04/2014Verhofsdadt is European Liberal Democrats’ choice for chief EU executive
  101. 24/04/2014Keller and Bové, avant garde and traditionalist
  102. 23/04/2014Juncker warns EU governments ‘don’t make a mockery of democratic process’
  103. 22/04/2014Femen hold topless protest outside National Front campaign launch
  104. 22/04/2014The centre-right gains ground ahead of next month’s European elections
  105. 21/04/2014The Greek brain drain
  106. 17/04/2014EU agrees to gas talks with Russia
  107. 16/04/2014MEPs fret over Ukraine crisis
  108. 16/04/2014Veteran MEPs make last Strasbourg bow
  109. 15/04/2014MEPs back law aimed at reducing risk of failing banks to taxpayer
  110. 14/04/2014As it happened: first-ever live debate between EU presidential candidates
  111. 14/04/2014EU foreign ministers discuss Russia sanctions
  112. 14/04/2014Ireland’s ‘Celtic Tiger’ purring again, but at what price?
  113. 10/04/2014Russia suspended from Europe’s human rights body
  114. 09/04/2014Germany strikes energy deal with EU
  115. 09/04/2014Russia faces Council of Europe sanctions over Crimea
  116. 08/04/2014Edward Snowden claims US spied on human rights groups
  117. 08/04/2014EU’s top court rules ‘anti-terror’ data storage law illegal
  118. 07/04/2014EU elections D-43: Austrian MEP slashed for racist comments, Juncker on the road discards ‘fantasy’ deal
  119. 04/04/2014European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI): How to make it succeed?
  120. 02/04/2014War-torn Central African Republic dominates EU-Africa summit
  121. 01/04/2014Pussy Riot call for tougher sanctions against Putin’s inner circle
  122. 31/03/2014Backsliding on democracy will hurt Turkey’s EU ambitions, officials say
  123. 31/03/2014China’s Xi Jinping seeks stronger trade ties with Europe
  124. 26/03/2014Obama honours WWI dead in Belgium
  125. 25/03/2014Brussels on lockdown in preparation for Obama visit
  126. 21/03/2014EU wants to reduce dependence on Russian energy
  127. 21/03/2014Ukraine signs political deal with EU
  128. 20/03/2014EU leaders eye Russia sanctions after US toughens stance
  129. 18/03/2014Syrian opposition leader seeks weapons
  130. 17/03/2014Russia could face more EU sanctions over Crimea
  131. 14/03/2014Crimea Tatar leader urges NATO intervention
  132. 13/03/2014MEPs slam Russian ‘invasion’ of Crimea
  133. 13/03/2014Unions rally against EU-US free trade pact
  134. 12/03/2014European Parliament calls for suspension of US data-sharing
  135. 12/03/2014G7 tells Russia to ‘cease’ Crimea actions
  136. 12/03/2014EU warns Russia over Crimea
  137. 11/03/2014Last Man of Fukushima takes anti-nuclear message to Strasbourg
  138. 11/03/2014MEPs seek tougher rules on money laundering
  139. 11/03/2014EU officials seek pre-election banking union deal
  140. 10/03/2014EU finance ministers, MEPs look to strike bank union deal
  141. 10/03/2014EU, US negotiators hold fresh free trade talks
  142. 04/03/2014EU’s top energy official downplays risk of fresh Russian gas dispute
  143. 27/02/2014NATO chief warns Russia on Crimea action
  144. 26/02/2014European Parliament backs tougher tobacco rules
  145. 26/02/2014EU suspends Swiss Erasmus participation for 2014
  146. 26/02/2014Door to NATO remains open for Ukraine
  147. 25/02/2014MEPs back tougher rules on seizing proceeds of crime
  148. 25/02/2014Commission upgrades growth forecasts
  149. 24/02/2014Brazil’s Rousseff eyes new Internet link with the EU
  150. 20/02/2014EU approves Ukrainian sanctions
  151. 20/02/2014EU readies sanctions against Ukraine
  152. 19/02/2014Poll predicts socialists will do best at forthcoming European elections
  153. 19/02/2014European Parliament pushes for sanctions over Ukraine violence
  154. 18/02/2014Merkel warns against rush to punish Switzerland for EU vote
  155. 18/02/2014Former Latvia PM eyes top EU job
  156. 17/02/2014Water as a human right
  157. 17/02/2014No talks on third Greek bailout yet: eurozone ministers
  158. 14/02/2014Renzi’s lack of EU experience may hurt Italy
  159. 13/02/2014Qatar will keep 2022 World Cup despite human rights concerns – FIFA official
  160. 12/02/2014MEPs reject Green asylum call for Snowden.
  161. 12/02/2014Belgium set to give minors the right to die
  162. 10/02/2014EU warns Swiss on immigration referendum result
  163. 07/02/2014EU seeks wildlife trafficking crackdown
  164. 06/02/2014MEPs request sanctions against the Ukrainian government
  165. 06/02/2014Wilders calls on Netherlands to quit EU
  166. 06/02/2014MEPs want better EU bank deal
  167. 05/02/2014MEPs want more rights for air passengers
  168. 04/02/2014Italy’s president warns euroscepticism could kill EU
  169. 04/02/2014MEPs seek more action on homophobia
  170. 30/01/2014Belgium sends ‘burden’ EU citizens letters asking them to leave the country
  171. 29/01/2014Cancellations as air traffic controllers protest against EU reform
  172. 28/01/2014FEMEN stage Brussels protest against Putin
  173. 24/01/2014Lone Ukrainian student makes her voice heard in Brussels
  174. 23/01/2014Environmentalists criticise new EU climate goals
  175. 22/01/2014EU hints at Ukraine sanctions
  176. 21/01/2014A European perspective on Turkey’s possible justice reforms
  177. 21/01/2014Serbia’s politicians in Brussels to kick-off talks on joining EU
  178. 21/01/2014Plans to reform Turkey’s justice system feature at EU/Turkey news conference
  179. 21/01/2014Eurovision winner joins Ukraine protesters in Brussels
  180. 20/01/2014EU turns to money and troops to tackle CAR conflict
  181. 20/01/2014Erdogan to meet with EU presidents in Brussels amid Turkey corruption scandal
  182. 20/01/2014EU approves plan to send soldiers to Central African Republic
  183. 20/01/2014Choose your Future: debate with MEPs on youth unemployment
  184. 16/01/2014European parties denounce plans to tighten Spain’s abortion laws
  185. 16/01/2014MEPs criticise Malta passport sale scheme
  186. 15/01/2014Reform or face irrelevance, Britain tells EU
  187. 15/01/2014Samaras defends Greece’s EU presidency
  188. 14/01/2014European Parliament probes international troika over eurozone bailouts
  189. 14/01/2014European Parliament demands recycling targets in EU war on plastic waste
  190. 09/01/2014MEPs seek to question Snowden via video over NSA spying
  191. 08/01/2014Barroso and Samaras give upbeat messages at launch of Greek EU presidency
  192. 06/01/2014EU Commission questions UK over possible migrant restrictions
  193. 19/12/2013Divisions over EU defence and banking plans at Brussels summit
  194. 18/12/2013Calls for ‘humanitarian ceasefire’ in Syria as EU pledges more aid
  195. 18/12/2013Eurozone ministers agree on fund for failed banks in banking union talks
  196. 18/12/2013European Commission tables ban on farm animal cloning
  197. 17/12/2013EU finance ministers seek ‘vital’ banking union accord
  198. 17/12/2013Deaf campaigners hope Mandela interpreter scandal will help raise standards
  199. 16/12/2013EU and Russia still at odds over Ukraine despite ‘horribly nice’ meeting
  200. 16/12/2013Left will shake up Europe, says EC presidential candidate Tsipras
  201. 13/12/2013The European Year of Citizens
  202. 12/12/2013European Parliament calls for EU intervention in Ukraine crisis
  203. 11/12/2013Stop paying Gaza officials who don’t work, say EU auditors
  204. 11/12/2013Ukraine seeks 20 bln euros in EU aid
  205. 11/12/2013Stolen Egyptian relic turns up in Belgium
  206. 11/12/2013NATO launches ‘cyber attack’ exercises
  207. 10/12/2013NATO sees Ukraine’s future in Europe
  208. 10/12/2013MEPs reject bottom-fishing ban
  209. 09/12/2013EU ministers strike tentative deal on workers’ rights abroad
  210. 09/12/2013European trade unions fume over ‘abuse’ of expat workers
  211. 09/12/2013EU backs easy in-flight listening for air passengers
  212. 06/12/2013France vows to tackle ‘new form of social dumping
  213. 05/12/2013Thousands of young European jihadists are fighting in Syria
  214. 05/12/2013Britain wants the EU to overhaul its laws on free movement amid concerns over so-called ‘benefits tourism’.
  215. 04/12/2013EU, Turkey set for visa-free travel deal
  216. 04/12/2013Greek PM has defended 2014’s budget
  217. 03/12/2013Tighten EU data laws, say top MEPs
  218. 03/12/2013Europe school pupils lag behind Asian teens
  219. 02/12/2013New EU border control system opens
  220. 02/12/2013EU’s Barroso agrees to meet Ukrainian officials
  221. 02/12/2013EU’s Rehn eyes Barroso’s job as commission chief
  222. 29/11/2013euronews speaks to Georgia President following Association Agreement with EU
  223. 29/11/2013Limited success as Eastern Partnership Summit ends
  224. 28/11/2013French researcher claims GM food lobbyists pulled study from journal
  225. 28/11/2013Lithuania President talks about Ukraine’s future with Europe at Eastern Partnership summit
  226. 26/11/2013EU’s Füle rues Ukraine’s ‘missed chance’
  227. 26/11/2013OECD chief urges banks to lend more
  228. 26/11/2013Brussels satisfied with Iran nuclear deal
  229. 25/11/2013EU looks to close tax loophole
  230. 25/11/2013EU chiefs voice anger at Russia over Ukraine ‘interference’
  231. 22/11/2013Vladimir Putin accuses EU of blackmail over Ukraine free trade deal
  232. 21/11/2013Ukraine deal is dead, EU envoy says
  233. 20/11/2013Axe ‘travelling circus’, MEPs tell EU leaders
  234. 20/11/2013Ukraine’s EU deal hangs in the balance
  235. 19/11/2013MEPs finally back EU budget after months of talks
  236. 18/11/2013EU pledges more money to typhoon-hit Philippines
  237. 18/11/2013EU foreign ministers delay Ukraine decision
  238. 17/11/2013EU waits for ‘Tymoshenko law’, mulls decision on ties with Ukraine
  239. 15/11/2013The EU and US have concluded a second round of week-long negotiations on a planned free trade deal.
  240. 15/11/2013Use of antibiotics under EU’s microscope
  241. 14/11/2013Greece and troika spar over Athens’ finance gap
  242. 13/11/2013Moscow warns Ukraine over closer EU ties
  243. 13/11/2013The frontier between the EU and Europe’s ‘last dictatorship’
  244. 13/11/2013EU probes Germany over high trade surplus
  245. 13/11/2013A European shale gas revolution?
  246. 12/11/2013Officials agree EU budget for 2014
  247. 08/11/2013EU commissioner faces tax fraud allegations
  248. 08/11/2013Dodging foreign speeding fines set to become history
  249. 07/11/2013EU must tackle bank union and too-big-to-fail
  250. 07/11/2013Georgia is not re-establishing diplomatic ties with Russia for the moment
  251. 06/11/2013Kosovo plans partial re-run of local vote
  252. 06/11/2013EU looks to unblock GMO crop proposal
  253. 06/11/2013Schulz eyes post of European Commission president
  254. 05/11/2013EU’s Rehn warns Germany over trade surplus
  255. 05/11/2013EU-Turkey talks kick off again
  256. 04/11/2013EU wants to scrap plastic bag waste
  257. 31/10/2013EU offers more aid to Kosovo
  258. 29/10/2013Saakashvili seeks EU backing for Georgia
  259. 28/10/2013Georgia ‘to remain pro-Western’
  260. 24/10/2013EU talks on digital and migrants may be overshadowed by US spying scandal
  261. 24/10/2013New EU law addresses health care across borders
  262. 23/10/2013EU action plan takes tough stance on organised crime
  263. 02/09/2013Bigger and better: study finds European men getting taller
  264. 04/09/2012EU parliament shows off art for the first time
  265. 08/12/2011Close up: the rise of Europe’s far-right
  266. 30/06/2011EU Presidency – Poland’s dilemma
  267. 16/06/2011Europe’s bathing water quality still high despite slight drop in standards