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  • Syrian military kills more than 140 ISIL members in air raid on base in Raqqa (state news agency) – Reuters
  • At least 96 people killed in Nigeria’s Benue State after several villages attacked by suspected Fulani herdsmen – (Police/Reuters)
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All the latest news, interviews and analysis concerning the EU from the euronews' team in Brussels.

EU warns eastern neighbours of long road to closer ties

22/05 17:31 CET

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  1. 07/04/2015Italy criticised for G8 protest ‘torture’
  2. 02/04/2015Director takes Jihad to Belgian theatre
  3. 01/04/2015New meat labelling rules come into force
  4. 31/03/2015Tusk promises EU security help for Tunisia
  5. 31/03/2015End of milk quotas ‘will hurt small farmers’
  6. 27/03/2015European airlines mull cockpit rule changes after Germanwings crash
  7. 26/03/2015European business leaders welcome EU investment plan
  8. 26/03/2015The Man Who Mends Women: Congolese doctor unveils new documentary
  9. 26/03/2015Time running out for EU milk quotas
  10. 25/03/2015EU wants to smash barriers to online shopping
  11. 24/03/2015EU warns on road traffic deaths
  12. 24/03/2015Local Libyan leaders seek peaceful end to conflict
  13. 23/03/2015Greece and Germany ‘kiss and make up’
  14. 20/03/2015EU leaders vow to stand by Tunisia
  15. 20/03/2015EU offers ‘unspent’ aid to Greece in return for reform
  16. 19/03/2015Greece’s Tspiras set for showdown talks with Germany’s Merkel
  17. 18/03/2015EU’s Juncker warns Greece again
  18. 18/03/2015EU unveils tax transparency plans
  19. 16/03/2015NATO holds naval exercises in the Black Sea
  20. 16/03/2015Strasbourg’s Jews fearful, but staying put in France
  21. 12/03/2015France spends diplomatic capital by blocking commemorative Waterloo coin
  22. 11/03/2015MEPs urge Russia to start ‘independent’ probe of Nemtsov murder
  23. 10/03/2015Clock ticking for Greece, says eurozone chief
  24. 10/03/2015Le Pen’s party accused of misusing EU cash
  25. 10/03/2015MEPs start their own LuxLeaks probe
  26. 09/03/2015Greece told to ‘stop wasting time’ over negotiating reforms
  27. 09/03/2015Defence experts cool on Juncker’s EU army scheme
  28. 06/03/2015EU ministers endorse climate pledge ahead of UN conference
  29. 05/03/2015‘Judge books by their covers’, EU court says in tax ruling
  30. 04/03/2015EU will hit Russia with tougher sanctions if Ukraine truce fails, Merkel says
  31. 03/03/2015Uber ‘killing our jobs,’ say Brussels taxi drivers
  32. 02/03/2015EU officials set sights on new drone directive
  33. 26/02/2015British MEP tweaks passenger data bill to win support
  34. 26/02/2015EU’s Schulz welcomes French budget ruling
  35. 25/02/2015EU seeks to create single European energy market
  36. 25/02/2015Send defensive weapons to Ukraine, top Kiev official tells EU
  37. 24/02/2015No talk of Greek euro exit, senior EU official says
  38. 23/02/2015Who is Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis?
  39. 23/02/2015EU examines Hungary’s nuclear deal with Russia
  40. 19/02/2015EU extends Mediterranean rescue mission until 2015
  41. 19/02/2015Germany snubs Greece’s EU loan offer
  42. 18/02/2015Greece set to seek loan agreement deal
  43. 16/02/2015Pessimism clouds fresh Greek debt talks
  44. 11/02/2015MEPs want tougher labelling rules
  45. 10/02/2015Eurozone officials seek Greek debt deal
  46. 09/02/2015EU delays sanctions amid push for Ukraine peace
  47. 05/02/2015European Parliament shuns committee of inquiry into LuxLeaks
  48. 05/02/2015NATO finalises spearhead forces to counter ‘Russian threat’
  49. 05/02/2015Falling oil prices will spur EU growth, say economists
  50. 04/02/2015Poland cool on Ukraine military aid
  51. 04/02/2015NGOs, demonstrators rally against EU-US trade deal
  52. 03/02/2015EU opens Belgium tax probe
  53. 02/02/2015New mandate starts for European Committee of the Regions
  54. 29/01/2015EU extends first set of Russian sanctions
  55. 29/01/2015EU interior ministers back airline data sharing
  56. 29/01/2015EU eyes fresh Russia sanctions amid Greek opposition
  57. 29/01/2015EU edges closer to airline data sharing after Charlie Hebdo attacks
  58. 28/01/2015Ukrainian expats rally for tougher EU sanctions
  59. 27/01/2015Ukraine seals emergency EU loan amid bankruptcy threat
  60. 22/01/2015Expat Greeks frustrated over voting rights
  61. 21/01/2015Greece holds its breath as Syriza tops election polls
  62. 16/01/2015Tough measures on terror not always effective, expert says
  63. 15/01/2015Turkey rejects claims that it stifles free speech
  64. 13/01/2015EU anti-terror chief seeks air passenger register
  65. 13/01/2015Le Pen seeks return to internal EU border controls
  66. 12/01/2015MEPs honour France terror victims
  67. 08/01/2015Belgian Muslims fear Charlie Hebdo backlash
  68. 08/01/2015Brussels joins tributes for Charlie Hebdo victim
  69. 07/01/2015EU publishes free trade papers amid transparency row
  70. 06/01/2015Belgian doctors block convicted murderer’s euthanasia
  71. 19/12/2014euronews discusses Russia with Latvian PM after EU summit ends
  72. 19/12/2014Protesters surround EU buildings as anti-TTIP anger voiced in Brussels
  73. 18/12/2014Last EU summit of 2014 in full swing with major investment tabled
  74. 17/12/2014EU Commission speaks on ambitious investment plan ahead of key summit
  75. 16/12/2014Belgium bids to bring energy and internet projects online with EU boost
  76. 16/12/2014EU Commission ditches ‘watered down’ air pollution proposal
  77. 16/12/2014EU lawmakers fail to strike deal on Palestine vote, reach compromise
  78. 15/12/2014Belgium gripped by travel chaos as strike takes hold
  79. 11/12/2014Poorer countries seeking more resources to fight climate change: MEP
  80. 11/12/2014Milk protest in Brussels
  81. 10/12/2014EU’s Juncker sworn in amid ongoing tax row
  82. 09/12/2014EU energy officials mull next move over South Stream
  83. 09/12/2014EU eyes some 2,000 new investment projects
  84. 08/12/2014Eurozone ministers extend Greek bailout by two months
  85. 08/12/2014Mexico says evidence points to missing students being ‘burned up’
  86. 08/12/2014Brussels grinds to a halt as Belgian unions strike
  87. 05/12/2014Hungary open to EU ‘rule of law’ review
  88. 04/12/2014Final EU agreement on GM crops edges closer
  89. 04/12/2014Bulgaria, EU still want South Stream pipeline
  90. 03/12/2014Iraq PM denies requesting Iranian airstrikes against ISIL
  91. 02/12/2014Helping those with disabilities to get hired
  92. 01/12/2014Poland’s Tusk takes over EU helm
  93. 27/11/2014European Commission has ‘abdicated its role’ as financial watchdog
  94. 27/11/2014EU recommends ‘unbundling Google’
  95. 26/11/2014Juncker’s colossal investment plan aims to ‘kick-start’ European economy
  96. 26/11/2014Denis Mukwege: Sakharov Prize winner and champion of human rights
  97. 25/11/2014What did MEPs make of Pope Francis’ speech in the European Parliament?
  98. 24/11/2014EU’s Juncker faces another tough week
  99. 24/11/2014Security stepped up as Strasbourg braced for papal visit.
  100. 24/11/2014Femen lay bare their naked opposition to papal visit
  101. 20/11/2014Belgian officials stage terror attack exercise
  102. 19/11/2014EU Commission promises more transparency on lobbying
  103. 19/11/2014MEPs back World Toilet Day
  104. 18/11/2014NATO chief slams ‘serious military build-up’ in Ukraine
  105. 18/11/2014Red Cross urges quicker response on Ebola
  106. 17/11/2014EU moves to sanction Ukraine separatists
  107. 17/11/2014EU foreign ministers mull sanctions against Ukrainian separatists
  108. 13/11/2014MEPs slam Turkey for entering Cypriot waters
  109. 12/11/2014Eurosceptics slam Juncker over Lux Leaks
  110. 12/11/2014EU’s Juncker fights back in LuxLeaks row
  111. 10/11/2014Catalan vote draws muted EU response
  112. 06/11/2014Belgian protest against austerity turns violent
  113. 05/11/2014World Health Organisation pleads for more health workers to fight Ebola
  114. 05/11/2014Cameron has problems with other EU leaders, says Commission chief Juncker
  115. 04/11/2014EU Commission lowers growth forecasts, promises 300 billion euro investment plan for Christmas
  116. 03/11/2014Muted start for new European Commission
  117. 29/10/2014EU eyes ‘interim’ deal in Ukraine, Russia gas talks
  118. 28/10/2014No way, José! Barroso bows out with swipe at UK’s Cameron over EU bill row
  119. 28/10/2014France, Italy avert budget row with EU Commission
  120. 27/10/2014EU’s Ebola crisis czar to visit west Africa
  121. 24/10/2014EU summit ends in blazing budget row
  122. 23/10/2014EU leaders mull climate targets for 2030
  123. 22/10/2014EU leaders consider climate package
  124. 22/10/2014MEPs back Juncker’s Commission lineup
  125. 21/10/2014Congolese doctor picks up top EU rights award
  126. 21/10/2014European Commission: Barroso bows ahead of vote on Juncker’s new team
  127. 20/10/2014EU to create Ebola czar
  128. 17/10/2014Mediterranean mayors call on EU for help to deal with influx of migrants
  129. 16/10/2014EU energy chief reassures households over winter gas shortage threat
  130. 16/10/2014Ebola crisis: EU pushes for improved screening in affected countries
  131. 16/10/2014Brussels: Farage and Grillo’s parliamentary bloc collapses
  132. 15/10/2014EU’s Juncker junks Bulc as next energy czar
  133. 15/10/2014UK starts Ebola screening at airports
  134. 15/10/2014MSF steps up staff training to tackle Ebola
  135. 14/10/2014progress in the reduction of bureaucracy
  136. 14/10/2014France set for bruising EU budget row
  137. 13/10/2014EU finance ministers aim to defuse Paris, Berlin row
  138. 13/10/2014NGO says MEPs boosting earnings with second jobs
  139. 10/10/2014EU aid flights head to Ebola-hit West Africa
  140. 10/10/2014Slovenia picks new EU job nominee
  141. 09/10/2014Germany seeks tighter EU borders to prevent jihadists heading home
  142. 09/10/2014Ex-Slovenia PM Bratusek pulls out of EU job race.
  143. 08/10/2014MEPs reject former Slovenian PM Bratusek for EU job
  144. 08/10/2014Austria’s ‘Wurst’ musical export serenades Brussels
  145. 07/10/2014Milan set for jobs, growth summit
  146. 07/10/2014MEPs grill UK’s Hill again over lobbying past
  147. 07/10/2014EU tax probe asks Amazon to open its books
  148. 07/10/2014Kurdish protesters storm European Parliament
  149. 06/10/2014Juncker’s ‘weakest’ links leave cracks in next commission
  150. 06/10/2014UNICEF warns of Ebola risk to health services
  151. 03/10/2014NATO forces carry out drill in Poland
  152. 02/10/2014Moscovici rebuffs ‘bias’ suggestions
  153. 02/10/2014Belgians eat insects
  154. 02/10/2014MEPs recall Britain’s Hill for second hearing
  155. 01/10/2014Spain’s EU pick comes under fire for ‘oil links’
  156. 30/09/2014Amnesty warns EU again on ‘Fortress Europe’
  157. 29/09/2014MEPs quiz EU’s next trade czar ‘in waiting’
  158. 28/09/2014MEPs take aim at Juncker’s candidates
  159. 26/09/2014German fears cloud EU-Canada deal
  160. 26/09/2014Ukraine, Russia mull EU gas deal
  161. 24/09/2014EU counter-terrorism chief says EU is fighting terrorism increasingly effectively
  162. 24/09/2014Europol launches biggest ever Europe-wide crackdown on organised crime
  163. 23/09/2014UN urges EU not to forget Gaza
  164. 23/09/2014MEP’s unveil right prize nominees
  165. 22/09/2014Love knows no borders, EU study shows
  166. 22/09/2014Belgian police play down EU attack reports
  167. 18/09/2014Brussels celebration for European Effie Awards for marketing
  168. 16/09/2014MEPs express support and surprise over landmark EU-Ukraine deal
  169. 15/09/2014Ebola: EU states urged to commit additional cash
  170. 15/09/2014Ukraine considers key postponed EU deal amidst Moscow pressure