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All the latest news, interviews and analysis concerning the EU from the euronews' team in Brussels.

MEPs warn Turkey over visa deal

28/04 14:49 CET

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  1. 30/03/2016EU wades into Erdogan satirical song spat
  2. 29/03/2016Brussels “still in shock” one week after suicide bomb attacks
  3. 24/03/2016EU ministers call for strengthening of Europe’s external borders in wake of Brussels attacks
  4. 24/03/2016Muslim condemnation of attacks “not enough anymore” says Grand Mosque Imam
  5. 23/03/2016Impossible to prevent all terror attacks, warns top security analyst
  6. 23/03/2016Muslim community fears tension after Brussels attacks
  7. 22/03/2016Brussels attacks: ‘a surprise if no links to Abdeslam arrest’
  8. 21/03/2016French prosecutor expects Belgium to hand over Abdeslam
  9. 18/03/2016Refugees could be returned from Greece to Turkey as soon as Sunday under new EU deal
  10. 18/03/2016EU leaders must convince Turkey over refugee deal at Brussels summit
  11. 17/03/2016EU leaders begin negotiations on controversial refugee deal
  12. 17/03/2016Cyprus warns it will veto EU-Turkey deal: exclusive
  13. 16/03/2016Socialist MEPs call for unity ahead of EU-Turkey summit on migrants deal
  14. 16/03/2016Refugee convention “must be applied” in Turkey says UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
  15. 15/03/2016Cyprus objections could derail EU‒Turkey migrant deal
  16. 14/03/2016Spain hits out at Turkey migration ‘deal’
  17. 11/03/2016European rights body accuses Polish government of undermining democracy
  18. 11/03/2016Martin Schulz expels Golden Dawn MEP Synadinos
  19. 10/03/2016EU ministers cool on Turkey ‘deal’
  20. 10/03/2016German anti-immigrant party eyes regional poll breakthrough
  21. 08/03/2016Turkey needs something in return for migrant deal, says Ankara’s envoy to EU
  22. 07/03/2016Turkey demands more cash and faster visa-free travel for migrant help
  23. 07/03/2016Greece-FYROM border: Situation ‘dramatic’ at refugee camp
  24. 07/03/2016Migrant crisis: Ankara under pressure to act at emergency summit
  25. 04/03/2016EU plan to save Schengen unveiled ahead of crunch summit
  26. 03/03/2016No sign Balkan border measures have cut refugee arrivals yet, says UNHCR
  27. 03/03/2016Belgian officials probe Abdeslam ‘tip-off’
  28. 02/03/2016Croatian PM calls for more EU help with refugees
  29. 02/03/2016EU plans new aid scheme to help Greece with refugees
  30. 01/03/2016EU’s Tusk kicks off shuttle diplomacy tour as Brussels seeks to save Schengen
  31. 01/03/2016German officials fret over Belgian nuclear plant
  32. 29/02/2016EU ministers fret over Chinese steel ‘dumping’
  33. 25/02/2016Greece fumes over Austria’s ‘hostile’ migration policy
  34. 25/02/2016EU’s migration system close to ‘complete breakdown’
  35. 25/02/2016EU’s Schulz slams Hungary’s ‘populist’ migrant referendum
  36. 25/02/2016NATO agrees Aegean Sea mission
  37. 24/02/2016Deal to avoid Brexit ‘irreversible’, Tusk tells MEPs
  38. 23/02/2016Belgium to probe residents concerns over nuclear plant
  39. 23/02/2016Frontex warns of more migrant arrivals
  40. 22/02/2016Brexit would make fight against terror harder, says Europol chief
  41. 22/02/2016European Commission won’t campaign for Britain to remain in EU
  42. 22/02/2016Protests as fresh round of TTIP trade deal talks begin
  43. 20/02/2016Brexit deal: What’s been agreed?
  44. 19/02/2016Brexit: Cameron’s EU reform talks hit ‘critical’ snags
  45. 19/02/2016Migrant crisis: EU-Turkey summit planned to beef up action
  46. 19/02/2016Brexit: EU deal for Britain still elusive after late-night talks
  47. 18/02/2016Brexit a ‘certainty’ if EU deal fails, says UKIP’s Farage
  48. 18/02/2016Brexit: D-day for Britain at Brussels summit
  49. 18/02/2016Brexit: Britain would be a ‘dwarf’ without EU, says liberal leader
  50. 17/02/2016Dreaming of Britain – Calais migrants don’t give up hope
  51. 17/02/2016Brexit deal: Crunch time for Britain at EU summit
  52. 16/02/2016EU sets sights on boosting energy resilience
  53. 16/02/2016No ‘guarantee’ of full parliament backing for Britain’s EU reform deal
  54. 15/02/2016UNHCR: International humanitarian law ‘blatantly violated’ in Syria
  55. 15/02/2016EU lift majority of sanctions against Belarus
  56. 15/02/2016Thousands of steel workers descend upon Brussels to defend Europe’s struggling steel industry
  57. 15/02/2016Bosnia formally applies for European Union membership
  58. 12/02/2016Greece is given three months to tighten border controls
  59. 12/02/2016The 500 euro note – could its days be numbered?
  60. 11/02/2016NATO mission to help target people traffickers in Aegean Sea
  61. 11/02/2016Migrant crisis: EU ‘dream’ in jeopardy, says Avramopoulos
  62. 10/02/2016Migrant crisis: Surprise Turkey-Germany proposal for NATO help hijacks meeting
  63. 10/02/2016Greece under renewed pressure to help fix migrant crisis
  64. 09/02/2016Varoufakis’ new pan-Europe party aims to strengthen democracy
  65. 09/02/2016Migrant crisis: Turkey-EU ‘lack of trust’ slows action
  66. 08/02/2016EU piles pressure on Turkey to open border to Syrian refugees
  67. 05/02/2016EU OK’s Portuguese government’s spending plans
  68. 04/02/2016China slowdown could scupper eurozone recovery: EU
  69. 04/02/2016Cologne kicks over carnival season amid security fears
  70. 03/02/2016VW scandal: EU deal allows vehicles to exceed pollution limits
  71. 03/02/2016Cracks in European Parliament over draft deal for Britain
  72. 03/02/2016Bid to stop Zeebrugge becoming migrant magnet
  73. 02/02/2016British PM says draft EU deal shows ‘real progress’
  74. 02/02/2016Saving Schengen: MEPs call for stricter migration measures
  75. 01/02/2016UK-EU talks: Donald Tusk to lay out new reform proposals
  76. 29/01/2016UK’s Cameron cool on EU’s reform offer
  77. 28/01/2016Pushing back refugee boats would be illegal, says Greek minister
  78. 28/01/2016Europe running out of time to solve refugee crisis, warns EU’s Timmermans
  79. 27/01/2016FIFA candidates accused of own goal after Brussels no-show
  80. 27/01/2016EU seeks greater powers to police car industry after VW row
  81. 27/01/2016EU warns Greece over border controls
  82. 27/01/2016Report claims link between animal health and GM crops
  83. 26/01/2016EU auditors slam ‘weak’ Commission over bailouts
  84. 25/01/2016Greece under pressure to act on refugees
  85. 25/01/2016Europol warns that Islamic State plotting more attacks in Europe
  86. 25/01/2016Turkey urges EU to honour €3bn refugee cash pledge
  87. 21/01/2016EU urges VW to compensate European ‘dieselgate’ customers
  88. 20/01/2016Tory MEPs split on Cameron’s EU reform bid
  89. 20/01/2016Dutch PM Rutte warns EU ‘running out of time’ on refugee crisis
  90. 19/01/2016Polish PM rebuffs EU criticism of media laws
  91. 19/01/2016Polish PM to face MEPs
  92. 18/01/2016EU’s Mogherini urges world powers to broker Syria peace deal at Geneva talks
  93. 18/01/2016Poland moves to soothe tensions with the EU
  94. 15/01/2016Syrian negotiator still waiting for Geneva talks invitation
  95. 15/01/2016Don’t blame us for refugee policy failure, says EU’s Juncker
  96. 14/01/2016WHO declares Liberia free of Ebola
  97. 13/01/2016EU to discuss Polish media laws
  98. 13/01/2016EU probes Polish media law
  99. 11/01/2016EU orders Belgium to claw back extra taxes from major firms
  100. 11/01/2016Cologne attackers must be brought to justice, says Rotterdam mayor
  101. 11/01/2016‘Give us a call’: Brussels seeks to reassure potential visitors
  102. 07/01/2016Getting Turkey migrant deal ‘working’ is top EU priority, Dutch PM tells euronews
  103. 07/01/2016Migrant crisis: EU members told to act with more ‘urgency’ as Dutch presidency starts
  104. 06/01/2016Hopes of ‘concrete solutions’ to migrant crisis, as Netherlands starts EU presidency
  105. 06/01/2016Saving Schengen: Denmark, Sweden and Germany in emergency border talks
  106. 06/01/2016Hungary’s ‘populist model is taking hold across the whole of Europe,’ says analyst
  107. 05/01/2016Hungary’s Orban has ‘shown the way,’ says analyst, amid concerns over EU freedoms
  108. 05/01/2016British PM allows ministers to campaign for ‘Brexit’ in EU referendum
  109. 04/01/2016Saudi Arabia-Iran tensions threaten world security, former minister tells euronews
  110. 18/12/2015EU sanctions on Russia to be extended, visa-free travel closer for Ukraine, Georgia and Kosovo
  111. 18/12/2015Brussels: EU summit rounds off year of ‘unprecedented’ challenges
  112. 17/12/2015‘I want a fairer Europe,’ British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tells euronews
  113. 17/12/2015Britain’s push for reform and the migrant crisis dominate final EU summit of year
  114. 16/12/2015Tech firms set to face hefty fines under new EU data laws
  115. 16/12/2015British PM set for summit showdown over EU reform demands
  116. 16/12/2015Sakharov Prize an ‘historic moment’ for jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi
  117. 15/12/2015Migrant crisis: EU plans to treble spending on border defence
  118. 15/12/2015Wife of jailed Saudi blogger hopes Sakharov Prize will be ‘gateway to freedom’
  119. 15/12/2015EU answers to refugee crisis ‘against common sense,’ says Hungarian minister
  120. 14/12/2015EU opens economic talks with Turkey to revive membership bid
  121. 14/12/2015Strasbourg voters unite against Le Pen’s National Front
  122. 14/12/2015Hungary, Poland oppose EU border force plan
  123. 11/12/2015EU plans new border force
  124. 10/12/2015First time asylum applications on the rise in the EU
  125. 10/12/2015MEPs endorse air passenger data system
  126. 09/12/2015EU seeks to reform digital copyright laws
  127. 09/12/2015Italy declines to back extension of EU sanctions on Russia
  128. 08/12/2015Ten eurozone governments strike partial deal on transaction tax
  129. 08/12/2015France urges crackdown on terror finance
  130. 07/12/2015EU eyes ‘fairer’ competition for aviation sector
  131. 03/12/2015EU opens McDonald’s tax probe
  132. 03/12/2015Greece asks for EU help with refugees
  133. 03/12/2015Denmark votes on whether to ditch EU home affairs opt-outs
  134. 02/12/2015Slovakia goes to court over EU refugee quota plan
  135. 02/12/2015Greece seeks EU help with refugees and migrants
  136. 01/12/2015NATO moves to bolster Turkey’s security
  137. 01/12/2015EU governments must share more intelligence, says anti-terror czar
  138. 29/11/2015EU and Turkey agree 3 billion euro migration deal
  139. 29/11/2015EU seeks Turkish help to solve migration crisis
  140. 26/11/2015Captagon: the so-called ‘super’ stimulant ‘used in Syria’
  141. 26/11/2015Schengen under pressure after terror attacks
  142. 25/11/2015Russia envoy to EU sees ‘negative impact’ on Turkey ties
  143. 25/11/2015MEPs urge tougher stance on jihadists
  144. 25/11/2015Schools reopen in Brussels
  145. 24/11/2015Brussels firms feel pinch amid terror alert
  146. 23/11/2015Strasbourg steps up security after Paris attacks
  147. 23/11/2015ISIL threat is ‘a wake-up call for Europe’, says leading defence expert
  148. 20/11/2015EU backs French demands for better surveillance after Paris attacks
  149. 20/11/2015EU mulls tighter border checks after Paris attacks
  150. 18/11/2015Molenbeek holds vigil for Paris
  151. 18/11/2015EU plans tougher gun rules
  152. 17/11/2015MEPs sing “La Marseillaise”
  153. 17/11/2015Belgian security officials hit back at French criticism
  154. 17/11/2015France ask for EU help after Paris attacks
  155. 17/11/2015Belgium remains on high alert after Paris attacks
  156. 16/11/2015Europe has shown “too much tolerance” towards Islamist movements
  157. 12/11/2015Malta migrant summit: EU leaders unveil Africa fund and debate Turkey deal
  158. 12/11/2015Africa trust fund will bring migration and development policies ‘closer together’
  159. 12/11/2015Lesbos struggles to provide enough shelter for continuing flow of migrants
  160. 10/11/2015Britain’s finance minister talks up EU reforms, as Brussels digests demands
  161. 10/11/2015Turkey: EU report highlights ‘backslidings’ in media freedom and judiciary
  162. 09/11/2015Climate change? Warmer weather leaves Belgian brewery in low spirits
  163. 09/11/2015EU interior ministers discuss speeding up relocation of refugees
  164. 05/11/2015NATO flexes muscles in Southern Europe
  165. 04/11/2015Protesters blow whistles in Brussels to draw attention to the plight of whistleblowers and press freedom one year after Lux leaks
  166. 04/11/2015New consumer rights report reveals dishonest meat labelling in certain EU supermarkets