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  • Washington Navy Yard in ‘lockdown’ amid reports of an ‘active shooter’, says US Navy
  • Five people have been killed and six severely wounded in an attack on a UN convoy in northern Mali.
  • Greece: Alexis Tsipras promises that the country “will be united” after the referendum (AFP)
  • Afghan special forces raided on Wednesday a hospital run by medical aid group Médecins Sans Frontières in north Afghanistan (Reuters)
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Was Alexis Tsipras right to allow the Greek people to decide on the EU’s proposed aid package via a referendum?

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yes (71% - 1230 votes)
no (27% - 467 votes)
i don't know (2% - 33 votes)

YOU is not a scientific poll

Who is to blame for Greece’s crisis?

Greece (26% - 2360 votes)
The European Union (39% - 3490 votes)
The IMF (8% - 761 votes)
All of the above (27% - 2342 votes)

Do you think a greater US military presence in eastern Europe would make a conflict there more or less likely?

More likely (75% - 1985 votes)
Less likely (25% - 654 votes)

Would you use an Uber “taxi” service driven by someone who might not be a professional driver?

yes (40% - 389 votes)
no (53% - 511 votes)
i don't know (7% - 68 votes)

Do you think the next head of Fifa should come from…?

The world of football (70% - 773 votes)
The world of politics (3% - 33 votes)
The world of big business (8% - 86 votes)
None of the above (19% - 209 votes)

Do you think your country should boycott the world cup of football in protest at “rampant” corruption within FIFA?

yes (57% - 1463 votes)
no (41% - 1050 votes)
i don't know (2% - 51 votes)

Should European countries get involved in the British EU referendum?

yes (22% - 200 votes)
no (76% - 695 votes)
i don't know (2% - 23 votes)