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  • Russian president Putin says that NATO’s eastward expansion is like building a new Berlin Wall (Reuters)
  • Russia president Putin says that foodstuff prices need to be taken care of (Reuters)
  • Russia president Putin says that the current unfavourable situation can continue for the next two years but it may improve faster (Reuters)
  • Putin:central bank and government are taking adequate measures(Reuters)
  • Russian president Putin says that GDP in first 10 months of the year is up by 0.6/0.7% – He says that the current economic situation is provoked by external factors (Reuters)
  • Russian president Putin says that despite turbulent financial markets, Russia’s revenues will be higher than spending (Reuters)

Would you be prepared to give up some of your freedoms if it guaranteed better protection against terrorism?

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yes (24% - 83 votes)
no (71% - 240 votes)
i don't know (5% - 17 votes)

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Do you think is right to invite religious leaders to speak at the European Parliament?

yes (48% - 2372 votes)
no (50% - 2431 votes)
i don't know (2% - 88 votes)

Do you think Eurosceptic parties receive fair treatment in the European media?

yes (24% - 319 votes)
no (69% - 897 votes)
i don't know (7% - 92 votes)

Should there be a re-vote for the upcoming FIFA World Cups in Russia and Qatar?

yes (54% - 1257 votes)
no (45% - 1048 votes)
i don't know (1% - 44 votes)

25 years after the fall of the Berlin wall, do you think the east-west divide still exists in Europe?

yes (81% - 1498 votes)
no (14% - 265 votes)
i don't know (5% - 79 votes)

After 10 years as EU Commission President, do you think that José Manuel Barroso leaves the European Union in a better state than he found it?

yes (14% - 137 votes)
no (79% - 782 votes)
i don't know (7% - 74 votes)

Do you think the Ukraine election results will help to stabilise Kyiv’s relations with Russia?

yes (12% - 117 votes)
no (85% - 860 votes)
i don't know (3% - 35 votes)