Hong Kong Embraces Art To Enrich Quality of Life

By Chris Burns  & Euronews
Hong Kong Embraces Art To Enrich Quality of Life
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Hong Kong's art scene is getting a shot in the arm as it multiplies its cultural and artistic venues, in an effort to enrich the quality of life, help artists and attract visitors. 

The M+ museum of visual culture, the flagship of the new West Kowloon Cultural District, has drawn more than 1 million visitors since it opened late last year. Its light murals are a new landmark for the Hong Kong skyline. And the new Hong Kong Palace Museum is exhibiting decorative works including an 18th century ice chest from the Qing dynasty. 

Hong Kong Artist Ellen Pau's mural projected on buildingsEuronews

But art from the past and present are of equal importance, and the new Oi! Project in the appropriately named Oi! Street, is giving young artists an opportunity to show their new and experimental works. Lesley Lau, Head of Art Promotion Office says,

"In the ecosystem of art and culture in Hong Kong, which has been very well developed and very diverse in recent years, Oi!, I think, plays the role as an incubator for the young art workers in Hong Kong."

Cheung Yung Guest Curator for Hong Kong's Oi! ProjectEuronews

The project involves guest curators like Cheung Yung, who in turn connects with local artists to show their artwork at Oi! Street,

"We have invited six artists to try out of their ideas. Oi! provides the opportunities for local artists to scale their ideas and concepts, because they don't have the burden of selling artworks. So they can do a lot of experimentation."

This is just one small, but important part of Hong Kong’s  growing art scene, and it’s more than art, it’s part of improving the quality of life amid the hustle and bustle of this dynamic city.