COP25: A timeline of global climate change negotiations

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By Marie Jamet  & Lauren Chadwick & Thomas Seymat
COP25: A timeline of global climate change negotiations
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Climate change activists are gearing up for the UN's climate change conference (COP25) which begins in Madrid this Monday.

The annual climate change conference started in Berlin in 1995.

"Let's be clear until now our efforts to reach these targets have been utterly inadequate," said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in a press conference ahead of the summit.

"The commitments made in Paris would still lead to an increase in temperature above three degrees Celsius, but many countries aren't even meeting those commitments."

It was a slow journey to bring nations worldwide into agreement on climate change, but many people say there's a newfound initiative to make real change.

As the 25th UN climate summit opens, Euronews takes a look back at the history of international agreements on climate change.