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WATCH: Thousands left homeless and awaiting urgent aid arrivals in Indonesia

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By Victoria Innes
WATCH: Thousands left homeless and awaiting urgent aid arrivals in Indonesia

Thousands of people are awaiting urgent aid on the Indonesian island of Lombok after a powerful earthquake left them homeless and without food, clean water or medical care.

Search and rescue efforts continue as many are still feared to be trapped underneath the wreckage.

So far, 105 people have died in the disaster, but organisations say that figure is likely to rise as more days pass and the likelihood of rescue fades.

Mercy Corp
Thousands displaced by 7.0 earthquakeMercy Corp

Thousands of people, displaced by the disaster, are living in temporary shelters but supplies are low and agencies say water and food are in high demand after clean sources were blocked and shops destroyed.

Mercy Corp
Many are left to seek refuge in temporary makeshift sheltersMercy Corp

Euronews spoke to Piva Bell from Mercy Corps, just one of the NGO groups working in the area. She said all aid agencies are working together on a joint assessment of the situation in the region. They are collecting data in order to give the “best immediate support for the needs of the people.

Mercy Corp
Aid workers meeting to assess damageMercy Corp

Piva described the moment she arrived in one of the villages hit worst by the earthquake: “It was very devastating. The electricity was off and people were screaming in panic. The ambulance was non-stop. People were sleeping outside… because of the aftershocks… and because of this most people, especially babies and children, are starting to get sick. They get diseases, flu and fever, and they need immediate help and water.”

Mercy Corp
Temporary shelterMercy Corp

Large areas of the island are still without power and damage to roads and bridges means that getting aid to the parts which have been worst hit is challenging.

Mercy Corp
The earthquake wrecked havoc on the Indonesian islandMercy Corp

Meanwhile rescue operations continue with more people being pulled from the rubble in the days since the earthquake stru

Mercy Corp
Kids playing to pass the timeMercy Corp

The devestation has been immense and many are grappling with the destruction, rescue and rebuilding efforts.

Mercy Corp
Devestation and rebuilding efforts in the worksMercy Corp

Aid workers are on the ground to assist locals on the island.

Mercy Corp
Aid workers and locals gatherMercy Corp

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