Womens' March Global seeks big turnout on Sunday

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By Robert Hackwill
The Womens' March Global marks a year of resistance this Sunday
The Womens' March Global marks a year of resistance this Sunday

Women came out in force a year ago to protest after US President Donald Trump's inauguration, and a this Sunday they intend to stage a similar massive show of force, this time without the pink 'pussy hats'.

That is because a year on America's women realise the scale of assault on their rights this president seems prepared to endorse.

What's more, Trump's election appears to have had a galvanising effect on women everywhere, amplified since by the #MeToo and TimesUp movement

"Womens' March Global can have an immense historical part in this because what we've seen on the global side is that while the #MeToo and TimesUp movements have been widely recognised in the United States, globally they have not translated and so it's not...when Asia Argento came out in Italy she recieved a tremendous amount of backlash and recieved death threats, enough for her to leave Italy because of those death threats. We see in France actresses and women coming out against the #MeToo movement.

So there's still a tremendous amount of work that needs to be done globally to make the #MeToo and TimesUp movements inclusive and intrasectional and ensure that women of all backgrounds are being heard and that their stories are being believed, and while that has happened in the US, it hasn't happened globally", says the Head of Field Operations Women's March Global, Uma Mishra-Newbery.

Women in at least 34 countries will march on Sunday, many of them impatient to see the American depth and scale of female revolt in their homelands.