Iranian families angry at loss of life onboard Sanchi oil tanker

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By Robert Hackwill
Iranian families angry at loss of life onboard Sanchi oil tanker

Stricken Iranian oil tanker the Sanchi, after eight days ablaze off the Chinese coast, has exploded and sunk.

Monday will be a day of national morning in Iran after Iranian commandos were unable to board the ship to find any survivors.

Dense smog rises 3,000 meters high in the sky from the Sanchi's burning oil.

"Great masses of fire and smoke made it impossible for the Iranian commandos to rescue the sailors of the Sanchi tanker and eight days after the incident the tanker fully sank," reported Elmira Sharifimoghadam on IRINN.

Traumatised families and colleagues of the dead sailors were frustrated about what they called a lack of timely effort by government officials in launching rescue operations.

"Thirty-two people died without a funeral and without coffins. They burned to ashes while their families were wailing here. You, the government, have come after 10 days to sympathise with them? What sympathy are you talking about?" cried one angry woman.

About one square kilometre of the sea surface east of the Yangtze river estuary off Shanghai is on fire, and another 10 kilometres are contaminated with oil, with marine experts concerned about sulfide poisoning in the water.