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Russia warns against foreign meddling in Iran

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By Euronews
Support for Iran's protesters
Support for Iran's protesters

Foreign governments have been watching events in Iran with concern. Along with the deaths of several protesters, hundreds more are said to have been arrested.

In Washington, a crowd of Iranian-Americans echoed White House support for what its called the "bold resistance" while warning Iran that the "world is watching".

President Donald Trump has gone as far as calling for change in a Tweet which said the great Iranian people have been repressed for many years and that they are hungry for food & for freedom.

Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has also praised the protesters and criticised Europe for not supporting the Iranian people.

"Brave Iranians are pouring into the streets. They seek freedom. They seek justice. They seek the basic liberties that have been denied to them for decades.

Sadly many European governments watch in silence as young heroic young Iranians are beaten in the streets. That`s just not right."

Moscow has warned against foreign meddling. It says it considers the mass unrest in Iran as an internal affair stressing that "External interference destabilizing the situation is inadmissible".

Meanwhile the UK has called for Iran to engage in a meaningful debate about the issues raised by protesters.