European parliament saves the kebab

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By Robert Hackwill
European parliament saves the kebab

It appears the kebab, favourite fast food for late-night revelling Germans, is safe. In the European parliament EU lawmakers narrowly defeated plans to ban an additive that is considered key in industrial meats for the popular dish.

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Rana Kabbani Writer & broadcaster

Kebabs use phosphate to keep the meat moist as it sits on its skewer.

The vote was a close-run thing, the ban being defeated by only three votes.

Proceedings were closely watched by Germany's Turkısh döner kebab industry.

It argued it would be wiped out if such a ban were introduced, while those proposing the ban insist the phosphate used in the frozen meat is a health risk for cardiovascular diseases.

While the human body needs phosphates, which is present in all processed and baked foods, excessive amounts can be bad for the heart and liver.