Texas gunman had fled mental hospital

Texas gunman's troubled background is focus for investigators following church massacre.

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Texas gunman had fled mental hospital

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Gunman Devin Kelley, the former US serviceman who killed 26 churchgoers in Texas, had escaped from a mental hospital back in 2012.

At the time he had been facing a court-martial on domestic violence charges after assaulting his wife and stepson.

A police report has also disclosed that Kelley had later been arrested at a bus station and officers were told he was a danger to himself.

The assault charge should have legally barred him from owning guns. But the Air Force acknowledged it inexplicably failed to enter his conviction into a government database that all licensed firearms dealers are required to use to screen prospective gun buyers for their criminal history.

Kelley’s troubled background has been a focus of investigators in Sutherland Springs since he stormed the church there with a semi-automatic rifle and opened fire on worshipers.

Kelley eventually killed himself during a failed gettaway attempt after he was wounded by an armed civilian.

The massacre which ranks as the deadliest mass shooting by a single gunman in Texas history has rekindled an ongoing debate over gun ownership.