Services no longer required, Saakasvili denied entry to Ukraine

Ukraine has stopped the former Governor of Odessa, Mikheil Saakasvili, at the Polish border, and denied him entry.

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Services no longer required, Saakasvili denied entry to Ukraine

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Former Georgian president and then governor of Odessa until last November Mikheil Saakasvili has been denied re-entry to Ukraine after travelling to Poland.

He has been stripped of his Ukrainian citizenship by former ally President Poroshenko. Former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, attempting a political comeback, is among his supporters.

“They act like how the Soviet Union used to act when they wanted to get rid of a dissident: they waited until they went abroad then stole their citizenship. The Ukrainians, President Poroshenko, act exactly like Soviet times, like the KGB acted. Well, I think we no longer live in Soviet times and we have our own country which has rules and laws,” he claimed.

Thousands of Saakashvili’s supporters have gathered on the Ukraine-Poland border, and have set up a tented camp. They include some elected Ukrainian officials.

Saakashvili was seen to have failed to clamp down on corruption in Odessa, and his relationship with Poroshenko broke down.