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Women shed the veil in post Islamic State Mosul


Women shed the veil in post Islamic State Mosul

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Women wearing brightly-coloured clothes without face veils and black coverings can be seen once again in the streets of eastern Mosul.

Restrictions imposed by Islamic State militants have been lifted, after jihadists were expelled from the city by U.S.-backed Iraqi forces.

Under Islamic State’s rule, women were required to largely stay at home or wear head-to-toe black coverings if they ventured out.

Store owners say it made women fearful to come into shops and buy anything.

After nine months of fighting, the city of Mosul was declared liberated on July 10 by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

In total, 80 percent of the city as a whole has reportedly suffered damage or been destroyed by fighting, leaving behind a mammoth task of rebuilding.