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Dali exhumation to resolve paternity suit


Dali exhumation to resolve paternity suit

Surreal in life and death after a judge in Madrid ordered the exhumation of the body of Spanish artist Salvador Dali to resolve a paternity suit.

Maria Martinez, born in 1956, said her mother, a maid, had an affair with painter in 1955.

Martinez underwent two paternity tests in 2007, but never received the results.

She said her mother had told her a number of times that Dali was her father, many occasions in public.

The claim is against the Spanish state, after Dali bequeathed his estate to the country.

Dali died in 1989 at the age of 85 and is buried in his self-designed museum in his home town of Figueres.

No date has been set for the exhumation, but it could happen as soon as July.