Records smashed in latest Mount Olympus race

Olympus Marathon's 14th edition sees male and female runners set new records

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Records smashed in latest Mount Olympus race

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The Olympus marathon is an international mountain running event that takes competitors along the exact route ancient Greeks took every
year from the city of Dion to honour the god Zeus and make sacrifices.

Around 800 athletes took part in the 2017 edition, covering a 44 kilometre course that rises to 2800 metres from near-sea level, and if the
runners had time they could admire the UNESCO World Heritage scenery.

Two course records tumbled this year. The mens` race winner, Spanish runner Aritz Egea, completed the course in the new fastest time
of 4.24.26, while the Womens` race was won by the Netherlands` Ragina Debats, in a time of 5.18.20, another record.