Portugal wins Eurovision 2017

Portugal has won the 2017 Eurovision song contest with a score of 758. It's the country's first ever win. 42 countries competed in this year's contest, with 26 taking part in the final watched at home

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Portugal wins Eurovision 2017

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Portugal has won the 2017 Eurovision song contest with 27-year-old, Salvador Sobral’s rendition of Amar Pelos Dois or Love for both .

“Music is not fireworks, music is feeling,” Sobral said after the winner was announced.

With a score of 758, Portugal was well ahead of their closest rival Bulgaria who received 615 points. Portugal’s entry won both the popular vote and the jury’s vote making their first ever win an indisputable triumph.

All eyes and ears were on Kyiv for the final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

The artists involved went through their routines one last time on Friday.

How many entries are there?

42 countries competed in this year’s contest.

However, only 26 took part in Saturday’s final in front of a television audience of millions.

Portugal…always the bridesmaid…finally the bride!

“We have never won. So we are the oldest participants without a win to our name. So when Salvador heard about that, he had to come,” delegation member Nina Pinto told reporters.

Who was favourite to win?

The bookies will be disappointed as their money was on Italy’s Francesco Gabbani.

“I look like a dancing monkey but its meant to be ironic. The song is a reference to the famous anthropologist Desmond Morris, who refers to humans as “the naked ape” as they are considered to be the most evolved species of monkey.”


Among those rehearsing late on Friday was singer Jacques Houdek.

He is known as “Mr Voice” in Croatia. His entry “My Friend” melded pop and operatic singing styles.

Houdek’s costume was half-tuxedo, half-leather jacket.


Other performers in the final who also presented atypical fusions of different musical traditions included:

Joci Papai, Hungary’s first Roma entrant for Eurovision,performing “Origo”, a mixture of electronic beats and gypsy vocal flourishes.


Romanian duo Ilinca and Alex Florea combined rock, rap and yodelling in their song “Yodel it!”

Eurovision – the backstory

The song contest was started in 1956 with just seven participating countries.

Today it has an audience of more than 204 million and has served as a launch pad for the careers of ABBA, Julio Iglesias and Celine Dion.

Five music industry professionals now account for 50 percent of a performer’s score. This is an attempt to promote talent over politically and geographically-motivated block voting.

The other half comes from telephone, SMS and official app votes received for each contestant. Fans are unable to vote for their own country’s entry.

Portugal will get the chance to perform Amar Pelos Dois once again and they take home a glass microphone trophy.