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French aim to beat the blues with #belleschoses hashtag


French aim to beat the blues with #belleschoses hashtag

The French have had enough of all the bad news invading their lives, from terror attacks to the lousy atmosphere dense with presidential election politics, and the nagging feeling that out of the 11 candidates people have very little choice at all come the first round of voting this weekend.

Add to that the fact that Spring is being ruined in many places by unseasonal cold winds and revolution is in the air, this is France, after all. But being 2017 this revolution will be social media-ised, and so protest is taking the form of a hashtag, #belleschoses.

People are being invited to post pictures of beautiful things with the hashtag in a bid to banish the gloom and bring a little colour into everyone’s lives, and drown out the flood of recent pictures from Syria or the streets of some European capital on lockdown because of a terror alert.

Here are a few of our favourites:

They can be inspirational, like Delphine’s appeal to rise above all this and provide a “united beacon of light against obscurantism and hate”

Or poetic. Here Rémynou imagines the moon hiding under a bridge to play a joke on the sun…

Look! A baby lemur! How cute is that?

Others are merely content to remind us of the staggering variety of natural beauty on display in France, rarely more than a car journey away

Some look beyond France for their inspiration…

While others stay closer to home, this proud mother tweeting her son in action playing handball, hoping he will preserve his energy, “no matter what happens”

Others refuse to play the game, with this post complaining that Marine Le Pen plays on fear, which is “not a beautiful thing”. There’s no real getting away from the election, it seems

No translation needed. ZIDAAAAAAANE!

And, last but not least, Arnaud says the world needs Pierre Richard, and we are obliged to agree


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