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Holy Week horror in Spain


Holy Week horror in Spain

At least eight people have reportedly been arrested after a series of stampedes at Easter processions in Spain.

At least a dozen people have reportedly been injured after panic broke out among pilgrims.

Holy Week in Spain attracts hundreds of thousands of people from around the world.


One of the country’s biggest Holy Week processions, or “Madrugadas” is held here each year.

Emergency services in the Andalusian city are using social networking sites to appeal for information.

At least 17 people were reportedly injured as six Easter parades with religious leaders and floats made their way through the Andalusian city. One person is thought to have serious head injuries.

The parades began at midnight on Holy Thursday. However, the disturbances are thought to have broken out in the early hours.

Posts on Twitter seemed to show people running for safety.

Detectives are asking anyone with footage on their mobile phone to hand it in as evidence, with anonymity guaranteed.

WATCH as panic breaks out in Seville


The incident in Seville follows a similar scare in Marbella.

Here, a fight is believed to have prompted a terrorist scare during the celebrations.

Investigators think there could have been up to four different incidents, which led to mass panic.

There was reportedly a similar scare in 2000.

Tight security

There is tight security in Spain for Holy Week.

Large vehicles have been banned from the city centres of Madrid, Malaga and Barcelona.

Other cities have installed barriers and bollards to prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering pedestrian areas.

Seville has increased the number of police officers on duty by 12%.

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