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Colombian landslide death toll rises to 290


Colombian landslide death toll rises to 290

The death toll following a devastating landslide in Colombia has risen to 290.

Rescue workers are rushing to bury identified bodies as soon as possible, to stop the spread of infection.

Disaster struck the southern town of Mocoa after a night of torrential rain caused several rivers to burst their banks, sending water, mud and debris crashing through the streets.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos travelled to the area to attend a mass for the victims.

While, exhausted survivors queued up at shelters to receive vaccinations against Chickenpox, Hepatitis B and Tetanus, as the clean up for the disaster gets underway.

Mr Santos said Mocoa had received one-third of its usual monthly rain in just one night, causing the rivers to burst their banks.

Others said deforestation in surrounding mountains meant there were few trees to prevent water washing down bare slopes.

There have also been warnings that hundreds of other Colombian towns face a landslide risk.

Efforts are underway to restore power and bulldozers have moved in to remove the mud and rocks.

Hundreds of people are in emergency housing, with a government aid operation in place.


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