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Socialist Benoit Hamon appeals to the left


Socialist Benoit Hamon appeals to the left

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France’s Socialist presidential candidate Benoit Hamon has appealed to left wing voters after suffering yet another setback in his campaign.

Former Prime Minister and fellow Socialist Manuel Valls announced he would be voting for the favourite Emmanuel Macron, but Hamon vowed to fight on.

During a visit to Lille, he urged voters to concentrate on policies, saying: “Citizens of the left, I ask you to punish those who lend themselves to this morbid game.

“And I ask you – at the same time – to turn the page on this old policy, to turn your back on those politicians who no longer believe in anything and who go where the wind goes.”

Hamon has faced calls to stand down from the presidential race after a number of Socialists defected to Centrist Macron.

France goes to the polls on April 23.

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