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'We are not afraid': Londoners defiant after parliament attack

United Kingdom

'We are not afraid': Londoners defiant after parliament attack

Residents of London have used social media to express their solidarity after an attack on people near the parliament building in Westminster.

Many shared a logo of the London Underground with the words “We are not afraid”. The image was first shared after the terrorist attacks on public transport in the city in 2005.

Other Twitter users shared images tagged “Pray for London” to show their support.

Some incorporated the flags of other countries which have recently suffered attacks including France and Belgium.

It is one year since terrorists attacked Brussels Airport and a metro station in the city.

One social media user called for Londoners to keep their trust in their peers in the fight against terrorism.

And although police have revealed no information about the attacker’s identity or nationality, nor if the attack was influenced by any religious our militant ideology, some took to quoting the Quran as if to pre-emptively strike down preconceptions.

And sometimes, in the face of horror, art can convey meaning when words of encouragement and support sound hollow.