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French police catch thief trapped in jewellery store window


French police catch thief trapped in jewellery store window

French police in Mauleon-Licharre in southwest France had the amusing job of arresting a suspected burglar as he lay trapped in the window of jewellery store.

The 46-year old suspect allegedly used a hammer to break a hole through the store’s window and upon his attempt to leave, got stuck, just in time for officers to arrive.

Firefighters were called to the scene to help break the shop window for police to arrest the man.

But in an interesting twist – officers found the suspect on their second visit to the address.

Police were called twice to investigate an active burglary but had found nothing and no one during their first pass.

The suspected thief, it would appear, attempted to rob the jewellery store a second time. A police search of his home revealed the man’s first alleged haul.

The incident took place in the early morning hours of Thursday, March 16. A picture taken of the incident showing the suspect half in and out of the shop window was published by the Gendarmerie on Friday.

“Drunk, he robs a store but gets stuck… in the window before being arrested,” wrote officers.