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Cyclists use GPS app to create art


Cyclists use GPS app to create art

When you think of street art, Banksy and his contemporaries might be the first creatives that spring to mind, but a new wave of artists are using a less permanent form of expression to create their masterpieces, by using the geo-location features on cycling and running app Strava to track routes that map out pictures.

These ‘cycle Angelos’ are using the app to create intricate designs that are taking Twitter and Instagram by storm.

Most recently, a group of cyclists in Australia created a goat picture over a distance of 202 kilometres, using the streets of Perth as their canvas.

The appropriately named ‘goat ride’ took the club eight hours to complete and saw them cross the Perth hills and a river in the southern suburbs of the city.

167km down. 40km to 🐐! . . . . #FGHTCLBCC #cycling #igerscycling #wymtm #goatride #outsideisfree #wymtm

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Some other examples of ‘Strava art’ that have become favourites include a Star-Wars-themed Darth Vader and a dinosaur, both of which were created in British Columbia, Canada.

Such is the popularity of the creative activity that back in 2014 one cyclist used a 29km Strava art piece to propose to his girlfriend.

Jordan, a 17-year-old from Ohio, used the app to ask his girlfriend to the prom, by running 5.5 miles to map out this picture.

Thinking of becoming a Strava artist? Here are the creator of, Stephen Lund’s top tips. Lund has created a plethora of masterpieces including the dinosaur pictured amongst others.