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'A Day Without Women' highlights lack of gender diversity

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'A Day Without Women' highlights lack of gender diversity

A statue of a young girl stands in front of Lower Manhattan’s well-known bronze charging bull, as if to fearlessly stare it down. A way of highlighting the pay gap of women working in financial services, and the lack of gender diversity on corporate boards.

“What we know is that women are roughly half of the population, and yet in corporate America, they’re not very well represented at senior leader levels so whether that’s CEOs or board members or other senior executives,” said Lori Heinel, spokeswoman for State Street. “We think that we’re really missing an opportunity that by empowering women to aspire to all that they can contribute, that we can actually create better economic progress around the globe.”

Many women stayed at home from work on Wednesday to highlight A Day Without Women, an event without a clear purpose—or an understanding of feminist history, according to Quartz.

Organisers asked women who cannot afford to miss a day of work to limit their shopping to female-owned businesses or to wear red to show solidarity.

One of the people behind “A Day Without Women” is Rasmea Yousef Odeh, who was convicted in Israel in 1970 for participating in a deadly terrorist bombing.

Odeh and her supporters maintain she was wrongly convicted based on a false confession extracted under torture.


Over the weekend, thousands rallied for gender equality in London and other big cities.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said: “The great thing about today, what we’re trying to get across is the fight for equality. Being a feminist shouldn’t just be for women. All of us, men, women, boys, girls, if you’re older, younger, rich or poor, need to understand that actually this is a fight for all of us.”

Women in other parts of the world are fighting for gender equality and for some of the things women in the West take for granted, such as driving a car, getting an education and choosing who to marry.

Thousands oppose restrictions on women’s rights in Poland

“We protest against the ban on abortion and the ban on contraception – lack of access to contraception – but also the fact that we are not supported when we want to have children because the ‘In vitro’ IVF procedure is shut down and because of the fact that adoption procedures are very limited,” said activist Karolina Wieckiewicz.


In Turkey, where the right to peaceful assembly is limited, police detained more than 20 people protesting against domestic violence. Whereas women rights in Turkey have improved in theory, violence against women has not decreased.


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