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Day 1 at Davos and global elite discuss "leadership"


Day 1 at Davos and global elite discuss "leadership"


With over 2,500 heads of business, government and international organisations attending this years World Economic Forum in Davos, what better subject to discuss than Responsive and Responsible leadership.

Hollywood actor and activist Matt Damon was there
drumming up support for his clean water charity. is trying to raise a $55 million fund that will provide microloans to finance projects that build access to clean water in developing countries. While he was there he was naturally asked about America’s new leader Donald Trump:

“I don’t know how much interest or time he’s really spent in the developing world engaging with these issues and so I think you have to give him the benefit of the doubt. At a certain point, our work isn’t dependent on the political winds and we just have to keep doing the work that we’re doing”.

Trump’s senior adviser Anthony Scaramucci was on hand to explain his boss’s thoughts on Free Trade, putting Trump’s protectionist approach into context.

“President Trump could be one of the last, great hopes for globalism because he is focused on something that we have to fix internally in the United states in order to create a more burgeoning market.”

Addressing concerns over the way Trump communicates his ideas, Scaramucci said people should not be worried by his tweets.

Euronews reporter in Davos, Sarah Chappell said that along with leadership issues the first day of the WEF focused on geopolitical shifts facing the world today. Day 2 it’s the turn of multiculturalism.

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