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Curious about Trump's NYC office? Here's what's inside


Curious about Trump's NYC office? Here's what's inside

On Sunday Jan. 15 the world was given a glimpse of President-elect Donald Trump’s New York City office and rare additional insight into who Trump really is.

From his 26th floor office in Trump Tower, the president-elect gave his thoughts on Brexit, trans-Atlantic trade and hinted at lifting US sanctions against Russia as part of a global nuclear weapons reduction plan.

The hour-long interview with the UK’s The Times and Germany’s Bild newspapers was Trump’s first since winning the 2016 presidential election, and images taken during the interview show Trump’s office is decorated from floor to ceiling with memorabilia and highlights of Trump’s past.

Here is a breakdown of what’s inside Trump’s office:

The office has a panorama view of New York’s Central Park and its windows are bullet proof to prevent against assassination attempts.

His walls and desk are covered with reminders of his stunning election victory. On his desk lay several copies of the book Unprecedented a glossy hardback book by CNN chronicling Trump’s rise to the White House.

Also present are numerous stacks of Time Magazine’s 2016 Man of the Year issue, the same edition that named Trump as the man of the year in 2016.

There is also a portrait of Trump’s father Frederick, who at the age of 93, died in 1999. Frederick was also a property tycoon and helped jump-start Trumps’ career.

Among the other awards and trophies that adorn Trump’s office walls are multiple magazine front covers including a Feb 11. 1985 cover story of Trump in New York magazine , GQ and Fortune magazines.

There is also Trump’s 1990 cover photo on Playboy, one of the few times it ever featured a man on its front cover.

The boomerang was an award given to Trump in 1995 by The Forum Club at a time when the property tycoon managed to turn his business empire from the brink of financial collapse brought about by the 1980s real estate market collapse.

The musket and accompanying bayonet was given to Trump in 2015. It is the Nathan Hale Patriot Award named after an American soldier executed by the British during the United States’ war of independence. The award recognises selfless leadership.

The blue yacht represents an award given to Trump for his support to the America’s Cup sailing competition. Above that is the Tree of Life humanitarian award, given by the Jewish National Fund in 1983.