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Revenge kidnapping in Mexico as druglord's mother snatched by angry wife

The villagers of San Miguel Totolapan in Guerrero, Mexico, kidnapped the mother of a druglord, known by his alias “El Tequilero,” in exchange for an engineer named Isauro De la paz Duque, that her son had kidnapped previously.

With the engineer’s wife leading them on, the villagers went on to convert Raybel Jacobo de Almonte’s mother to their cause.

A video supposedly shows her saying, “Look, son, if you have the engineer return him please. If you have him, I’m confident you’ll return him. Do it, please.”

El Tequilero did not show himself to save his own mother, but eventually, the old lady was handed over to the police, confirmed In a Twitter statement by the Governor of Guerrero state on 15 December, saying that María Félix de Almonte, the mother of El Tequilero, and Isauro De la paz Duque, the engineer, had both been released safely.