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Jingle Cells - Europol launches an advent calender


Jingle Cells - Europol launches an advent calender

Europe’s top crime agency is launching an advent calendar – with a difference.

Every day from the 1st to the 23rd of December, Europol is publishing the photo of a wanted criminal on the organisation’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.

The hope is that they will be recognised and handed over to police.

Jingle Cells

You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry..

60-year-old Austrian fugitive Tibor Foco is behind the window of the 1st of December.

He is wanted for the murder of a prostitute in March, 1986.

Saint (in the) Nick

“As from the 1st of December, we will for 23 days in a row publish one fugitive from one member state per day,” said Europol spokesman Gerald Hesztera told reporters.

The criminals have all been convicted of serious crimes like murder, kidnapping, terrorism and drug trafficking.

They are all currently on the run.

Arrest ye merry gentlemen..

24 criminals on Europe’s “Most Wanted” list have been arrested since it was launched in January 2016.

Help from the public has been decisive.

Nine of the 24 arrests were directly linked to the media attention and came from tip-offs from the public.

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