Trump back on campaign after Reno gun drama

The US Republic Party's presidential candidate is targeting Democratic strongholds ahead of Tuesday's vote.

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Trump back on campaign after Reno gun drama

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Donald Trump is back on the campaign trail after a security alert led to him being rushed off stage in Reno.

The US Republic Party’s presidential candidate is targeting Democratic strongholds ahead of Tuesday’s vote.

Pennsylvania, Michigan and Minnesota are on the list.

What happened in Reno?

Trump was briefly hustled off stage by secret service agents.

They had jumped on a man in the crowd who was holding a sign saying “Republicans Against Trump”, fearing he had a gun.

Trump came back on stage minutes later.

“Nobody said it was going to be easy for us. I want to thank the Secret Service.”

How events unfolded

  • Trump stopped his speech after seeing something in the crowd
  • He was rushed off stage by two agents
  • The protester was held down and searched

Officials later confirmed that someone in the crowd had shouted “gun!”.

“Upon a thorough search of the subject and the surrounding area, no weapon was found.”

“A thorough investigation is ongoing at this time by the US Secret Service and the Reno Police Department,” a statement added.

The protester

The man at the centre of the disturbance says he was attacked when he got out his sign.

Austyn Crites says he did not have a gun.

Last-minute changes

Both candidates are making last-minute changes to their itineraries.

Poll numbers are on the decine in some of Clinton’s key Democratic states.

Trump campaigners are keen to capitalise on what they see as an opportunity.

What do the polls say?

Hillary Clinton remains ahead in most polls, but the gap is narrowing.

A McClatchy-Marist opinion poll, released on Saturday and of voters nationwide, shows Clinton leading by one percentage point.

This is compared to six percentage points in September.

A Reuters-Ipsos tracking poll from Saturday shows Clinton ahead by four percentage points nationally, compared to five points on Friday.