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Dramatic scenes as plane engine catches fire in the US


Dramatic scenes as plane engine catches fire in the US

There have been dramatic scenes at one of the major airports in the United States, when a plane’s engine caught fire seconds before takeoff.

The crew were able to abort takeoff at Chicago’s O’Hare airport.

Passengers were evacuated from the plane via its emergency chutes.

No serious injuries were reported during the emergency.

The details

American Airlines Flight 833 was bound for Miami with 161 passengers and a crew of nine.

The right-side engine burst into flames as it headed down the runway at 2.30pm local time.

The Boeing 767 was carrying a full load of fuel – around 19,504 kilos – which was already leaking, officials say.

19 passengers and one flight attendant were taken to hospital with minor injuries sustained when they exited the aircraft.

There were no burns or cases of smoke inhalation.

What was it like inside the plane?

A passenger has posted a video on Facebook.

Worried passengers can be seen inside the cabin after the plane came to a halt, shouting at each other to hurry down the aisle on their way to the emergency exits.

What they are saying

“This could have been absolutely devastating if it had happened a little later,” – Timothy Sampey, Assistant Deputy Fire Commissioner says it could have been much worse.

“There was a big ball of red flames that blew up from that window. That is all I can tell you, I got out of there as fast as I could and we were moving towards the exit,” – Gary Schiavone, passenger.


A FedEx plane caught fire on landing in Florida a few hours after the Chicago emergency.

The plane was reportedly arriving from Memphis when its landing gear collapsed on touchdown.

The Federal Aviation Administration says the fire was put out.

No injuries were reported. FedEx issued a statement saying the pilots were safe.

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