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'Nasty woman' T-shirts bid to turn the tables on Trump


'Nasty woman' T-shirts bid to turn the tables on Trump

“Such a nasty woman,” said Donald Trump during last week’s third televised debate with his US presidential rival.

The Republican candidate’s insult – not the first – directed at Hillary Clinton has been turned on its head by supporters of the Democratic contender.

Specially-made T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan have been in high demand.

They were helped by the visible backing of Katy Perry as the singer wore a “Nasty Woman” creation as she visited students in Las Vegas.

Several thousand copies of Amanda Brinkman’s design, offered online by Google Ghost, have been sold in the wake of the TV debate.

Meanwhile another version bearing a clear electoral message has been launched in New York.

Bob Bland, CEO and founder of Manufacture New York, created the morning after Trump’s comments. Within 48 hours, nearly 1,500 orders had been placed for T-shirts and totes with the words “Nasty Women Vote”.

“A lot of the people that are involved with us, the main reason why they bought a shirt is because they’re thinking, ‘It would be so fun to wear a nasty woman T-shirt on Election Day.’ And if it helps people to have a reason to go and vote on Election Day, that’s even more exciting to me because, you know, a lot of us have felt not really excited about the election,” she said.

Several designs of the T-shirts have been made. Merchandise retailers typically see a profit boost during election season as both sides seek to wear support for their candidates.

Both Brinkman and Bland are donating proceeds for their “Nasty Woman” T-shirts to reproductive healthcare provider Planned Parenthood, which the Republican candidate opposes because it offers abortions.

Donald Trump’s campaign has long produced its own merchandise, from various humourous designs to others that have proved more controversial.

Since the leak of a 2005 recording in which Trump is heard boasting about groping women, an eleventh woman has come forward accusing the Republican candidate of inappropriate sexual behaviour. His campaign has described the claim as “totally false and ridiculous”.

After alleging the election is rigged and refusing to say whether he will accept the result, Donald Trump has implied that opinion polls suggesting he is trailing badly are being made up by his opponents.


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