An Olympic hangover in Rio

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By Euronews
An Olympic hangover in Rio

Despite a troubled build up to and a few embarrassing hiccups during, Rio de Janeiro did eventually deliver a successful Olympic Games.

But after a great festival there’s always a much-needed clean up and a gathering of thoughts.

As the rain conveniently helped wash down the streets on Monday, workers have also begun to mop up the mess after the masses steadily trickle out of Rio following two weeks of sporting action and celebrations.

Relieved organisers may well embark on a few days of back-slapping following a triumphant Games, but Rio’s citizen’s will surely now wonder what will be the legacy of an event that cost the city billions of dollars it could ill-afford.

Rio has ambitious plans to reconvert venues for public use but other host cities in the past, including Athens, Beijing and London, have tried this with minimal success.

Will Rio be different? Only time will tell.

Rio’s very expensive sporting carnaval, however, is not yet completely over.

As the sun sets on the Olympics it will soon rise again on the Paralympics.