Far-right leaders hail Brexit

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By Euronews
Far-right leaders hail Brexit

Far right leaders across Europe have hailed the result of the Brexit vote and suggested it should be the last nail in the coffin of the European Union.

France’s National Front leader Marine Le Pen said her country too now needs to hold its own referendum over EU membership.

“For all the patriots, for all those who love freedom, this day is one of joy,” explained Marine Le Pen. “It is not Europe which has died, it’s the European Union which is shaking and it is a rebirth of nations, and they need to build between them a new European project, that of cooperation.”

Marine Le Pen has made it perfectly clear that she thinks the European Union has been a “complete disaster”, sentiments shared by Geert Wilders:

“A fantastic and a really historical day,” said the Dutch far-right Freedom Party leader. “The British people defeated the political elite in both Brussels and in London. United Kingdom is a sovereign nation again. I’m very jealous and I’m trying to achieve the same in the Netherlands next year.”

In Italy, the right-leaning Northern League leader Matteo Salvini said he believed the Brexit result would have a domino effect across EU members.

It will be the Dutch peoples turn, then the Swedes turn, then next year it will be the French,” explained Matteo Salvini. “The League offers Italians the hope not to be the last ones to notice that the house is burning.”

Italy’s second most popular party, the opposition 5-Star Movement described the Brexit vote as a lesson in democracy and also promised to pursue its own proposal for an Italian referendum on the euro.