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"Up all Night" protest once more ends in violence in Paris


"Up all Night" protest once more ends in violence in Paris


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Peaceful protests by several thousand people in the Place de la Republique have ended in violence for several nights in a row.

Officials have urged organisers make sure the crowds disperse before the agreed time of 1am.

Shopkeepers are the ones who have been left counting the cost.

“It was quite unpleasant. While I understand that people want to protest, what I can’t understand is why people take things too far. I think there are some who take advantage of the situation. It is a pity because I agree those gathered have a right to discuss their opinions, even if I don’t share them, but just discuss, that is all,” said a baker whose premises were attacked.

“Up all Night” or Nuit debout is a popular movement aimed debating “the future of the world”.

Things degenerated when a small group of protestors began to set rubbish bins on fire.

The police say they were pelted with bottles, cans and stones.

Officers responded with tear gas and then forced the protesters out of the square.

At least 22 people have been arrested.


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