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Madrid People's Party leader resigns amid corruption probe


Madrid People's Party leader resigns amid corruption probe

The head of the Madrid branch of Spain’s ruling People’s Party has resigned after a police probe into party corruption.

Esperanza Aguirre said she was not personally linked to the money laundering and bribery allegations, but she assumed political responsibility.

“It was other people were responsible for managing the economic affairs,”
Esperanza told reporters. “I have never had to signed for party accounts. I have never signed a contract and I have no credit card, I have nothing. I have no direct responsibility for these allegations, however however I accept my political responsibility for the corruption cases.”

The resignation of the 30-year People’s Party veteran comes at a delicate time for its leader Mariano Rajoy. He lost his majority in December elections after opposition parties campaigned against deep-rooted corruption in Spanish politics.


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